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  • I had been tweaking the login and register php files. everything was working fine last night. I just went back today to add a message to the email that is automatticly sent out when a person registers. But the emails are not getting sent. I tested with two seperate email accounts. I didnt mess with the email section of code in these php scripts.I also am not getting any error messages from wp during the registration process. The entire process works normally and it calims it has sent the email. I have a back up of the original register.php and login.php files. I uploaded them and still no emails are getting sent. I also sent and recieved emails manually with all of the email accounts that would be used in the process and all are working properly. Does anyone have any ideas? I am really at a loss here.

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  • skippy



    Did emails work before you started making changes?

    Have you confirmed that the emails were not flagged as spam at the receiving end, and automatically filtered?

    Your host should be able to check the mail server logs to determine whether the messages went out. If they did, then the receiving ISP should be able to confirm whether they received the messages.

    The emails did work before and during the changes. It was only today that i went to finish up, that i noticed i wasnt getting any emails. I checked the spam folders in all of the accounts and still nothing. Are there any other files that might effect the email process? I made a lot of changes to a lot of files last night, but like I said everything was working. I am hoping i dont have to deal with the host, because they really wear me out. I do use the same server for my personal email and that account is working fine.




    If you kept records of what changes you made where, you could try to undo them, one by one, checking after each revision to see if mail functionality is restored.

    Without knowing what changes were made, it’s hard to say whether anything you did could the cause. Generally speaking, though, things don’t often “just stop working”; so I strongly suspect your changes to be the cause.

    I am pretty much assuming the same thing. I was just wondering if there were any files specificly that would effect the email process. Everything else is working fine in this process as well as everything else on my site. The emials not getting sent is the only thing that is not working. I have uploaded the original register and login files to overwrite any of my changes in those two files and its still not working. I would rather not sift through every file in the WP directory if i dont have to. So any hints as to what other files are involved would be a great help.

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    Thanks for the link. But i dont think that it addresses my problem since it has been working fine up until i made some recent changes. To php files. Im pretty sure my server is set up ok and hasnt broken or altered its settings at the exact time i happen to be working on the files that tell wp to send emails. Anythings possible but i would say its unlikley. Thanks to you too skippy for all your help. I think im just gonna start overwriting the files with thier original counterparts one at a time until the problem is resolved. If anyone comes up with any better ideas or if you know what files effect this directly, then please by all means post it! Thanks again.




    Email itself is largely contained in /wp-includes/pluggable-functions.php, in the wp_mail() function. But without knowing what changes you’ve made, it’s hard to say whether you’ve adjusted the return value of some function into a null value, which some other functions expects not to be null and therefore aborts further processing.

    Have you checked your Apache error log for any error messages?

    I just checked my error log and found nothing of value there. I have uploaded all of the original files to overwrite all of the files i messed with in the last 48 hours. Still no emails. I went to the admin panel and added a user manually. Then i used this fake user id to go through the lost password process, since the register process worked fine but sent no emails. When i did the lost password thing I did actually get an error back. WP said:

    “The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…”

    I love how it ends with “…” like i could be given more info on the mattter, but i gotta guess what else it wants to say. Anyway, i havent messed with the file you reffered to just now, but i will take a look at it. I cant see how or why my email function would be deactivated by my host on the same day i am working on this…so it has to be a little line of code somewhere right?

    I dont seem to have a file called pluggable-functions.php in that folder. A lot of other files with function in the name but no pluggable. Am i misunderstanding something or is there another file i should be looking for?

    Ok so this is where i am at right now.

    As recently as midnight last night the register process was sending emails.

    I have replaced every file i can think of with its original that i downloaded and backed up a month ago.

    My error log says nothing.

    The lost password process says it cant send email, but the register process claims everything has gone smoothly.

    All of the email accounts (i’m using 2 yahoo, and one on the server the site is on) are working fine.

    I dont know which file you are refering to, so i cant begin to look at the functions you described.

    Im a bit frustrated because i have just overwritten a weeks worth of work by uploading all of these original files. My entire site is working as expected but still no email.Soooo…what would you do?

    Alright i have done everything i can think of on my end, so i have to consider the possibility that my host disrupted the email function at the most inopportune time. Could someone tell me what it is i need to ask my host exactly?

    I am having this same problem. I went through everything step by step and found that my problem stems from changing the “WordPress address (URI)” and the “Blog address (URI)” under the options tab in the admin section.

    As soon as I change those from “http:\\” to “http:\\” (the subdomain is point to the \Travel folder on the server) emailing ceases to function.

    After I change those options the emails stop, even when I change them back to the original settings.

    Is there something I could change in the php that would fix this??

    I did the same thing, since i set up a redirect. I wanted a different url. I did that like 3 weeks ago though. And my emails were working fine until yesterday. I think this may be my problem as well since the original files i uploaded to overwrite my changes were from before i changed the url. But until either of us knows which php file specificlly to look for and what aspects to change, this problem cannot be resolved.

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