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    PLEASE BRING BACK WP-STATS. It is simple to use and easy to read. It seems as if we are being herded to use Jetpack, which many of us do not want.

    Like so many others who have self-supported websites, I noticed errors with WP-Stats last week. After reading comments on this forum I installed Jetpack and gave it a try. Over the weekend Jetpack stopped showing hits. I got the graph, but there were no hits despite the fact that I know people were visiting my site ( I decided to remove Jetpack altogether after deactivating and reactivating to see if this jolted it back to life.

    I’m VERY reluctant to use Jetpack in future. For one thing, it requires that I log onto WordPress.COM. For another, I can’t seem to log out of the account. I do not want to remain logged in to my account. Also, this two-step checking of stats is a perishing nuisance — first log into my site’s Dashboard, then into the WP.COM account. And I do not need, nor do I want, the other features Jetpack includes.

    Is there a chance that WP-Stats will ever come back? In the meantime, I have no stats at my site.

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  • I have exactly the same problem and I would really appreciatte a solution. WP Statistics come back!!

    I agree on bringing it back. Jetpack is ok,and works fine. But why discontinue use of WPStats? They’re forcing you to switch, but what if you were happy with how the old plugin worked?

    They should at least allow for use of Stats without have to switch for your stats to work.

    I fully agree with TAMIA. I don’t need Jetpack, which wiped Top Posts info out of Dashboard; it also disrupted Popular Posts widget, which works on WP-Stats data. I appreciate the free service provides, but I also appreciate to have a choice.

    UPDATE: Two or three hours after installing Jetpack, everything seemed to fall into place by itself and is working properly, including Popular Posts. And in the meantime, I learned how to deactivate Jetpack features which I dont´t need. So we are pretty much like with WP-Stats.

    The biggest problem I can see with Jetpack is that I have to remain logged in to WordPress.COM in order for it to continue collecting data. I do not want to remain logged in 7/24/365 to any account. This would seem a very bad idea.

    With WP-Stats, all I had to do was log into my self-supported site and then click on the stats in the dashboard.

    So come on, WordPress. Why no fix for WP-Stats? Why is everyone being funneled to Jetpack? I chose because it’s so easy to use and is well supported, and I appreciate it a lot. But this failure to offer an official statement about WP-Stats, and the lack of progress on fixing that super plug-in, has me scratching my head.

    We should do a poll, or petition to bring the old one back!

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    tamia, you should not need to STAY logged in. You should be able to just log in, connect the blog, and it stays up. You may not be able to SEE the stats unless you’re logged in, but 24/7 login shouldn’t be required.

    Please contact us via about this.

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    We have no plans to replace the Stats plugin at this time.

    It’s just an unfortunately coincidence that Jetpack’s stats system manages to fix some issues that the Stats plugin currently exhibits, and we are working on fixing the issues.

    As mentioned above, there’s no need to stay logged in to to use Jetpack.


    When I logged into my self-hosted website before the failure of Stats, all I had to do was click on STATS in the Dashboard in order to bring up the stats page. When WP Stats broke, I tried Jetpack, as suggested. I went through the installation with no trouble, configured stats on Jetpack after logging on to WP.COM, opted out of all the other bits of Jetpack which I don’t want, viewed stats, then logged out of WP.COM and logged out of my website’s dashboard.

    Next time I went onto my website, I then clicked Jetpack Stats, and discovered I had to log into WP.COM before seeing the stats. I did that, and then saw that all of the non-stats bits that I had deactivated the previous time had been reactivated. That was a nuisance in addition to the nuisance of having to log into WP.COM to see stats. Moreover, I had two days when no data came in on the Jetpack stats, so I wrote to Automattic to ask if it was necessary to remain logged into WP.COM in order to maintain my preferences and to keep the stats coming in. Here was the reply I got from Automattic |

    The plugin was designed to keep it connected all the time. That’s the way it was built…. Jetpack depends on a connection to I’m sorry but we don’t have plans to change that.

    @ James: I’m glad that Stats plugin is not to be replaced and hope that whatever the problem is that it’s fixed soon. I’m not going to use Jetpack, and yearn for the simplicity of WP.Com Stats.

    YAY! Looks like is back up and running. Thanks Automattic and WP!

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