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  • In the Readme for this plugin the author states for it to function:

    ‘…theme must have a call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> at the very bottom right before the </body> tag’.

    Would that be in the footer.php file?


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  • The answer is Yes.

    Does everyone just know that?

    Why can’t it be in the operating instructions rather than in the FAQ from someone like me who can’t get it to work either?

    The answer is Yes.

    Actually, the answer is “it depends on the theme.”

    In most cases a theme will sport a footer.php which will in turn provide the closing </body> tag. But not all themes fit this description.

    And keep in mind the WordPress “operating instructions” are written by other users just like you.

    OK, thanks, Kafkaesqui, that makes sense.

    I am using the Mandigo-14 theme and tehre is nothing in the footer file. where do i put it? I’m hoping this is what the problem is. i have reinstalled the plug in a number of times, tried it on multiple blogs, and multiple worpress accounts but nothing works. it says the stats are working but they all say zero and i get a ton of traffic. If anyone can help I will greatly appreciate it

    microphobik, hi
    I’m not really the guy to ask, but when you say there is nothing in the footer file, what do you mean?

    Do you have a footer file?
    Do you have a closing </body> tag?

    there is absolutely nothing in it. I have a footer file in my theme folder and when i open it to edit it, it is blank.

    Does your theme have any support? Author or forum perhaps?

    Not that I know of but I got it sorted. I just put the code in the empty footer file and it started working. Thanks for your help and for your time.

    The plugin hook just references the footer file and adding code to it. If the theme doesn’t reference that call, it just can’t add the plugin code. A little strange, but logical in many ways 😉


    perfect! Thanks for the simple yet important call function. It works for me now 🙂

    Thanks Thanks!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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