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  • Hello fellow wordpress users!, I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!.

    I have been using worpdress on my self hosted site for over a year with some success ( Also, I have a site hosted at (

    Basically, I use the standard stats plugin to monitor my hits alongside google analytics on my self hosted site.
    I have been watching both closely and noticed that the stats of all three are utterly different (google, stats and stats).

    The stats for my self hosted site should match (or at least be close) between google and the stats plugin, yet they are utterly different, but when I log in to my acount, thinking that the main site stats plugin is looking at my site instead, it is completely different again.

    I do not think I can supply screenshots to explain what I mean but I will try.
    I have searched the forums and found a few similar problems but nothing precisely the same as mine.

    I just do not know which stats to trust, google analytics or the stats plugin, if it is not monitoring my main site ( and not monitoring my site, then what on earth is it monitoring?.

    Example: My acount states simply “34 hits” which tallies with the stat plugin from that site. But, the stat plugin from my main site completely differs from the google analysis of that site, it is not even remotely similar leading me to believe it is monitoring a different site altogether (but apparently none of my sites!).

    I sincerely apologise for my disjointed, confused rambling, it is hard to explain what I mean without posting a screenshot. Hopefully you will be able to understand what I am getting at.

    Thank you for your time in reading this, I hope you can point me in the right direction!.

    As a side note, does anyone know if the account will ‘sync’ with a self hosted account (copying posts etc) as my wordpress site seems to have copied some posts from my main site when I haven’t even logged into it! (originally it was going to be a clone in case something happened to my main site, but I forgot about it).

    Thanks again for your time!.

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