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  • After upgrading to 2.6.1, the stats for got split into two accounts.

    Here’s what I did: I disabled all plugins before the upgrade, upgraded, then enabled them. I was then asked to re-enter my API key for WP Stats, then to associate my site with an existing domain from the drop-down menu. I chose (of course).

    Now I see that there are two domains listed among my stats in the WordPress Global Dashboard, and that my stats got split among the two domains.

    Can you please fix this?

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  • Could someone from WP get back to me on this? I’m worried because the stat data for my domain continues to accumulate in a split state, and I’d like the two stat streams merged. If I can do it myself somehow, from the Global Dashboard at, please let me know how.

    Alright, I disabled WP Stats, then re-enabled it, re-entered my API key, and was asked once more to re-associate it with the right domain from the list of blogs. I did, choosing the other “” entry.

    Now my previous stat history shows up, but the stats accummulated since yesterday are now in the other “” entry. To make things worse, another entry, this one for “”, appeared in the list of blogs.

    Seems WP Stats and my profile on do not communicate properly. Am I to assume that every time I need to disable WP Stats (for WP upgrades, for example), it’s going to create another entry for my domain in the list of blogs, and it will create another stats account as well?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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