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  1. gazouteast
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi all

    Before I get the usual round of "go rad this < link >" etc - I've done all that and none of the solutions posted work.

    Situation - WP2.6.5 self hosted on a PHP5.x/SQL5.x server from US hosts.

    Until late last week WP Stats was working fine (apart from the nagging need to re-login every couple of weeks, which seems to be a login time out system going back years).

    There were no changes to the install or plugins in the latter half of last week or over the weekend, but, Friday or Saturday the wordpress.com login page (from Dashboard - Stats) just stopped responding. Insert user name and password, click submit, and it just refreshes back to requesting user details - no error message.

    In frustration, I have tried all of the following -
    - requested new wordpress.com passwords (3 times) - none fixed it
    - deactivated and reactivated the plugin to force re-save of the API number - didn't help
    - downloaded the plugin fresh from w.org and reinstalled after deleting the old install - didn't work
    - checked the logins work at wp.COM - they do
    - checked stats are still being collected at wp.com - they are (and are visible there)
    - checked the problem in FF3.x and IE6.5 - exists in both
    - checked 3rd party cookies are on - they are in both browsers
    - checked the firewall is allowing cookies through - it is
    - checked the issue on all my blogs (multiple hosts in multiple countries) - it exists on all of them
    - checked the problem from other computers on the network here - it exists on all of them
    - went out to an internet cafe to see if it exists there - it does

    So basically, in British English idiom, I am left with the conclusion that wordpress stats is "buggered". Either that or it is a surreptitious plot to drive traffic to wp.com by forcing us to check our stats there ... hmmm?

    Would that about sum it up? Or, does someone know a fix for this?


  2. gazouteast
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Forgot to add, I also deleted all cookies in both browsers several times to clear any errant details from them .... now I have to try and remember all my passwords again - Grrrrr

  3. gazouteast
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hmm - completely ignored and allowed to sink out of view - again!!

    Stil doesn't work

    When will Matt stop his playboy global gallops and return to doing some real work - like jumping on issues such as this?

  4. james@tfl
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'm having the same issue trying to access blog stats from the Dashboard. Our blog is self-hosted and we recently upgraded to version 2.8.6.

    URL: cycleblog.tfl.gov.uk

    Insert user name and password, click submit, and it just refreshes back to requesting user details - though I do get an "Incorrect password" error message.

    Any suggestions are very welcome.

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