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  • Well, we are in PHP higher versions then 7.2 already, maybe you need to ask the Hosting procider to Update the PHP version on the server as well…

    Well, the different hosting providers and operating systems provide backported security patches, if you mean the security. I know, this is a nightmare for CISOs, auditors and security persons like me.

    Please see the current reviews which mention the issue with the platform check and take a look at the GitHub issue which shows that the platform check was disabled there but the last update still contains the platform check.

    I am aware that PHP 7.3+ should be used in production but the reality is quite different. Also WordPress itself supports PHP 5.6+.

    Updating the PHP version to some (much) higher one could lead to other issues too.
    As a real example, I work for clients which have many websites and projects by others running on the same server which hosts marketing campaigns and tools for the company and the server globally uses PHP 7.1. Try to change that without getting big problems with this big company (and I am not responsible for the technical setup which is done by others) 😉

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    I know this problems in PHP versions, but you can not expect that the future will not take place just because the reality is different, Sometimes there mus be done the step forward. We did it just a couple of weeks ago and no problem with higher PHP version. Even a hosting provider will just Update PHP if he wants to, especially on shared space, because this is in the hand of the hoster to to it. They will let all Users know, that they will do an Update proces and if the websites are not working anymore then maybe it is the problem of the user.

    But this is a different thing then a buggy Plug In which contains also other Errors like attaking DB entryies and heating up CPS etc. so that the server get lost even if you have your own server without sharing etc. and i high performing one… Just see some comments here in the Forum 😉

    Thanks, I already saw that and I’ve read some of the other comments, reviews and so on before I submitted the topic.

    I just wanted to report the issue that at least 2 persons reported in two WordPress groups on Facebook as I saw no relevant issue or topic.

    The technical details are not relevant (especially in my cases in the companies where these run their own servers in their own infrastructure for example in a DMZ with many more projects running there, sometimes also legacy software / code).

    Thanks for keeping an eye on the security and making people aware that they should use a PHP version which has not yet reached its EOL and still receives official security updates.

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    Hi @danielrufde,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I wanted to make sure everything’s fine now because yesterday we released the new version that includes bug fixes. So please update your plugin to v13.0.5 and let me know the result.

    Happy Holidays!

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