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    I have been running wp-statistics since I setup my website about a year ago. A couple of days ago my wp-dashboard started taking an inordinate amount of time to load. Then maybe an hour or two later it would go back to normal. At the same time the dashboard was struggling to load, trying to the wp-statistics Overview page would not load at all – instead WP came back with the standard page not found (not a browser 404).

    I could still access the wp-stats Settings page so I experimented. Switching off the wp-stats Quick Stats widget in the wp dashboard solve the delay in the dashboard loading. Changing the Map Type to JQVMap improved things dramatically.

    Uninstalled wp-stats and reinstalled (a couple of time during the investigations). Now I can use the google map again and in the last two days I have only seen the WP page not found come up once. But now WP-stats is only reporting a faction of the search engine referrals form google.

    I have check to see if google has published any change notifications – nothing. I have checked google webmaster tools to see if there is any significant variations to the search traffic – Nope!

    I do not use any of the pluggin’s other feature such as shortcodes. I only use the Statistics pages in the admin area.

    Wanted to ask “What should I do next?” before I start purging data and databases.

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  • Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    It does sound like your getting close to your resource limits, purging some of the older data is your best bet.

    @greg Ross – no such luck. I have now purge the first 4 months of data from the database. Nil impact on the problem(s). I have also been live monitoring the hosting resource usage with cPanel on the back end. The site is no where near the resource limits.

    It cannot be a coincidence that after I fiddled with the wp_stats settings to try resolving the page loading problem that reported hits search referrals tanked. Monitoring the sites backend very carefully before I started fiddling, the search referral data was not affected when I first started looking at the page loading problem.

    Snooping around the stats some more I have noticed that the daily hit count on individual pages has tanked by a similar percentage to the search engine referral count. However, the visitor hit count and visits hit count are unaffected.

    Any idea how wp_stats can record the 300 visitors and over 1,000 visits and yet not correctly record the pages being visited?

    P.S. I am holding off on deleting everything and reinstalling so that we might get to the bottom of this.

    Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    You could flush the settings from the database (they’re stored in the wp_options table with an option_name of wp_statistics) and then re-configure everything.

    The other thing to try would be disabling other plugins and see if there is a conflict of some kind.

    Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    Also check your PHP logs and see if there is anything in them.

    I have just flushed the settings from the db table and re-configured everything. We’ll see how that goes. Thanks for all your efforts. If it wasn’t such a great plug-in I would not be so piss-off about breaking it.

    Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    No problem, let me know what happens.

    Flushing the db table had no effect. Moving on to other plug-ins. I am focusing on one in particular. Won’t mention any names just yet. The two plug-in have been working together harmoniously for a year, but I have my suspicions about one of the setup options. Stay tuned.

    Problem(s) solved. Both symptoms – WP that page does not exist and stats discrepancies were both cause by a conflict between wp_stats and wordfence. The conflict only occurs when you use wordfence’s simple cache option. I have not tested if the conflict also occurs with wordfence’s falcon cache.

    I will cross post this as a wordfence issue. At the end of the day it is up to your guys to see if the conflict can be resolve or whether users using both plugins are warned not to use the wordfence cache option.

    Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    We have seen problems with caching plugins before, though usually on the front end and not the admin interface.

    Caching plugins hijack the page load code in WordPress so the WP Statistics code never executes, causing all kinds of issues for us. As such we don’t recommending using them with WP Statistics.

    Thanks for taking the time to hunt this down and report it.

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