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  • Hi all,
    I want to protect my email address from spam, is it possible to do it using WP-SpamFree’s technology?

    In the description, the author says that;

    Comment spam stems from an older problem — automated spamming of email contact forms on web sites. I developed a successful fix for this a while ago, and later applied it to our WordPress blogs.

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    Otherwise, what is the best alternative?

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  • In which way do you display your email? Did you write it down somewhere?

    This plugin just makes forms spam proof, if you dont show your email directly but put it in the mail function of the form you will be quit safe, but if you just display your email at another place this plugin does not cover it!

    the email is not in a form, it’s just written like this:

    Otherwise, what is the best alternative?

    Hey roo222 – WP-SpamFree has a Contact form feature as well as protecting the comments from spam. You just have to create a new page (“Contact Us” or “Contact” for example) insert a short piece of code into it as described in the plugin instructions. Then people who visit your site can email you through the form without your email address being exposed. You also don’t have to know any code. You can set the email address it goes to in the options for the plugin in your WordPress admin.

    Using a form is really the only safe way to have an email on a website. (Where the email is hidden safely in the PHP script that processes the form.) Spammers will scrape sites to grab email addresses even if they are encoded.

    thanks WebGeek, I didn’t know spammers were that persistent.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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