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[Resolved] WP Social Invitations – Not sending facebook, linkedin and twitter invitations

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  • Plugin Author Damian


    Sorry for the delay, I was on holidays till yesterday 🙂

    First check the DEBUG tab of the plugin. To see if the queue are empty or for some reason the invitations get stucked there.

    The place to look for them should be your facebook wall and your twitter timeline

    Please let me know what the debug tab says


    Hi, thanks for replying. It seems like the invitations are stucked this is what I see:

    <strong>TW IN QUEUE:			  10
    FB LOCKED:				  Yes
    TW LOCKED:				  Yes</strong>
    LK LOCKED:				  No
    SERVER_TIME:              Thursday 6th of February 2014 08:54:22 PM
    SITE_URL:                 http://pucp.e-quipu.pe
    PLUGIN_URL:               http://pucp.e-quipu.pe/wp-content/plugins
    HTTP_HOST:                pucp.e-quipu.pe
    SERVER_PORT:              On (80)
    MULTI-SITE:               No
    WSI VERSION:    
    WORDPRESS VERSION:        3.6
    PHP VERSION:              5.3.3
    MYSQL VERSION:            5.0.95-log
    WEB SERVER INFO:          Apache
    SESSION:                  Enabled
    SESSION:WSI               WordPress Social Invitations
    COOKIE PATH:              /
    SAVE PATH:                /var/lib/php/session
    USE COOKIES:              On
    USE ONLY COOKIES:         On
    PHP/CURL:                 Supported
    PHP/CURL/VER:             7.15.5
    PHP/CURL/SSL:              OpenSSL/0.9.8b
    PHP/FSOCKOPEN:            Supported
    PHP/JSON:                 Supported

    Plugin Author Damian


    Please do the following.

    First upgrade the plugin to latest version (

    Then enable the dev mode so we can find the issue later.

    Then go to this url just once (this will unlock the queues) http://pucp.e-quipu.pe/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wordpress-social-invitations&support=yes and close the window (note that &support=yes is the one that will unlock your queue)

    Give it some time to the queue to lock again and start processing all the items.

    After some time check if the items in the queue went down, and if the queue still are locked.

    All the connection and debug info will be written in your error_log file located in the root of your server.

    I get stucked in the third step. When I go to http://pucp.e-quipu.pe/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wordpress-social-invitations&support=yes

    I get the message that I don’t have enough permissions to access the page. I tried doing a chmod to admin.php to 777 but still continue getting the same message.

    Plugin Author Damian


    No please don’t chmod 777 !

    Just go to the debug page and paste &support=yes in the browser url field and hit enter.

    Wow! just by passing support=yes all the invitations in line got sent. I got quite a few invitations in my facebook all at once.

    Thanks a lot it seems to be working. I’ll do some further testing and let you know.

    Thank you very much

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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