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  • Since my old thread has been closed, I’m starting a new one.

    WP-SNAP! (WordPress System for Navigating Alphabetized Posts) creates an alphabetical listing of links on a category template file. For example, when the user clicks A, D, or Z, any post titles that begin with that letter will be showcased. WP-SNAP! will work on any WordPress 2.x site, but is particularly useful managing glossaries, indexes, movie reviews, or address books.

    I’ve once again updated my plugin. It is now once again possible to exclude first words/letters/symbols from being alphabetized. I also looked into two other issues and I was not able to resolve either to my satisfaction:

    1. For now, WP-SNAP! is not able to alphabetize words that begin with a lowercase letter followed by uppercase letters.
    2. I don’t know if I overlooked this or if WordPress made an internal change, but using query_posts in any loop that uses WP-SNAP! messes everything up. So, the only way to get WP-SNAP! to work correctly and display more than 10 posts is to make a site-wide change in your administration panel under Options > Reading > Blog Pages > Show At Most to “-1″. You will now have to use query_posts for WordPress Loops that should not show all posts. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the only way to solve either of these issues is to basically rewrite the functions I’m currently calling (natsort & $wp_query->posts). That will not be a fun day.

    WP-SNAP! v0.6.2

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  • I am very, very happy to announce the release of WP-SNAP! v0.7. The bugs that plagued version 0.6.x should now all be fixed and I’ve even added some new functionality.

    The biggest news:

    The plugin once again works on Pages!

    I’ve made it so that several variables can now be passed to WP-SNAP!, including one that allows you to select the category to be displayed. This is what allows the plugin to now be called on a Page. You can choose to display one category, one category plus all child categories, or all categories.

    I’ve also made it possible to select which navigational style should be used when WP-SNAP! is called, making it possible to use the plugin in several different places on your site using a different navigational style in each spot.

    Cool, huh? 🙂

    WP-SNAP! v0.7

    I just updated WP-SNAP! to work with WordPress 2.3.

    WP-SNAP! v0.7.2

    Gah! Squashed a bug.

    WP-SNAP! v0.7.3

    I did some tinkering and WP-SNAP! now supports “pretty” permalinks.

    WP-SNAP! v0.8

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