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  • After finally getting the settings correct and receiving a successful send from the test e-mail on the plugin – I have yet to actually receive an e-mail.

    I went to my domain’s e-mail server (webmail. etc… via dreamhost )and sent an e-mail to the email address I was trying to send to on the plugin- and it sent the e-mail.

    However, the WP SMPT MAIL plugin test does not, even though it says it was successful.

    I have spent lots of time researching wiki and looking through support forums/posts, but have not gotten any answers and have seen a lot of posts go without any responses. It is very disheartening.

    I have 2 domains – both fully hosted. I am testing the plugin on a staging subdomain, My live domain is I only have one e-mail account set up and the subdomain mirrors that e-mail. I have noticed that others have had issues with subdomains, but no clear answers.

    Please help, thank you.

    PS Before I got the WP SMPT Mail settings correct – I was using Contact Form 7 and have it set to sent 2 e-mails in response – one to the domain e-mail alerting of the post and one to the form sender. Contact Form 7 sent the email to my domain fine, but didn’t send/receive anything to/at the form sender’s email.

    PPS After I got the WP SMPT Mail settings correct (as stated above)- I tried Contact Form 7 form again and the submit returned an error saying ‘unfortunately we didn’t receive your message’

    PPPS the Contact Form 7 form used is off of my Volunteer Menu

    PPPPS I have another form on the subdomain but with Jet Pack and it works fine, sending mail via [email redacted]

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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