• Hi guys.. I need good advice please.

    I mod at a SMF forum, the admin plans to shut down end of Nov. & move on. Only 2 doz. members left. We want a private forum, no public access, for base for operations, but fully functionality, categories, threads, etc.
    I have a clone program “WPTwin” that only works if new forum is WP platform, so forum can be cloned daily & replaced (fast replace method) if ever hacked.
    Members will copy/paste info needed to carry on into new forum location that has its own url. I’ve never admined a forum B4 so this is new territory for me.
    How should I approach this…
    …just get a SMF, load it… but what do you guys use for superior security against possible hacks?
    or… Install WP 3.0.1, then a SMF forum, but which, so I can clone it for backup.
    ..not sure what to do… any suggestions? Thanks.

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