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    I’ve been testing new things to optimize the performance of my wordpress site. I recently purchased & upgraded to litespeed for a web server, and just made the switch to PHP 7.

    I wasn’t expecting much of a performance boost from litespeed, however I was expecting to see a night and day difference with the speed of my site once I was using php 7. All the reports and benchmarks I reviewed showed significant increases in speed. Most cases I read sites were about two times faster with php7, but my site actually takes a whole second longer to load on average since making the switch to php7. I’m not using fcgi due to security concerns, but is there any reason why my site is faster with php 5.6 when running speed tests?

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    All my sites are faster with PHP7, using php-fpm/fastcgi. I can’t speak to lightspeed, however.

    Thanks for reaching out. What are you thoughts on fcgi? My web host has been suggesting me not to use it for security reasons, but it’s for my own VPS that’s not a shared hosting environment?

    Are you familiar with any security issues concerning FCGI with wordpress?

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    I’m using php-fpm as a fast CGI over unix sockets with apache.

    Each site runs as a different user

    Here’s my configs:

    This is very secure as each site runs as its own user and the user does not have an associated shell.

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