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    Currently on 2.9.5 — At some point, Slimstat disappeared under the “Settings” Admin menu in WordPress. No way to change settings. A couple questions:

    Someone pointed out before a bug in version 2.9.5 that might allow someone to insert code un-noticed. Could this be the problem? Something else?

    In the updated version under the “Right Now” view, is there a way to remove repeats of the IP address for each visitor [34.346.214 originating IP 34.346.214)], unless the IP shown is different than the “Originating IP” [34.346.214 originating IP 78.357.92)?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    You may want to use the “slimstat admin” trick described in the FAQs and see if you have locked yourself out of the settings page.

    As for the duplicate IP, thank you for pointing that out, we’ll fix it in the next release.

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    having the same problem: cannot locate slimstat under the Settings admin’s sidebar menu.

    Just uploaded your plugin and activatived it.

    • 1. Under Dashboard I find the SlimStat reports page but if I click on the filter options or the listed ip addresses with filtering option links as result I get a blank Forbidden page where it says that I do not have permission to access the document even if I’m the blog’s admin
    • 2. Under the Settings I don’t have the SlimStat setting page
    • 3. Tried the slimstat admin trick creating a new administrator, logged in with new credentials but didn’t have any success. Nothing changed.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for all help

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Hi there

    Are you hiding the admin bar on top in some unconventional way?


    Hi, on blog’s front-end the admin bar isn’t visible (I use I Love It Theme and have disabled front-end admin bar). As for the blog’s back-end admin’s horizontal top bar, it is visible and active.

    Don’t know if the following infos can be of any help:
    – web server -> apache
    – php version -> 5.2.3
    – safe mode -> on
    – wp version -> 3.1.4

    Grazie again

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Hi there,

    the version of WordPress that you’re using seems to be quite old, that could be the reason why you’re not seeing the admin menu. Would you be able to test the new version of WP SlimStat currently in the works? Contact us at


    I’m getting this problem as well.
    I just tested this on a brand new WP build 3.5.1
    With no plugins on default theme.
    Max php mem is 256Mb
    php ver is 5.3.22
    php max execut time is 7200.

    The Asynchronous Views setting is definitely the culprit.

    If you need more info I’ll be happy to help. I have servers all over the place and can place test builds for you on them.

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Did version 3.2.2 solve the issue for you, Tony?

    My WP slimstat dissapeared altogether! Even the plugin isn’t there anymore, and al trys to reinstall, fail 🙁

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Are you sure your hosting provider allows it on their servers?

    It did work for some weeks, then it dissapeared withoute notice. Could you give me a name on another counter like Slimstat, that I could use instead?

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