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  • need someone with a knowledge of editing the WP Sliding Door theme? I’ve got a couple things going on that I need to tweak.

    1. WP Customer Review; I need to change the font color of the reviews left by my clients, The font color is currently very light and can’t be seen clearly against my white background.

    2. I need to get the black box back on the menu bar. It disappeared on me some how.

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  • whats the point of this support system if nobody responds to your question?

    These forums are entirely staffed by volunteers, so unfortunately, not every question gets answered. For theme specific questions, it may be that not many volunteers who are helping out are familiar with the theme. So unless the theme author answers (we have no control over that), there’s not an easy solution or answer for you. Sorry.

    Another option is for you to consider hiring someone:

    I looked at your site and the menu seems to be black? And where are the customer reviews – can you link to a page that has those?

    WPyogi, Thanks for the rapid response, I appreciate the time you’ve spent on this already…it’s been a crazy couple days so please excuse my last post..I mean no disrespect…just frustrated.

    I had 2 website and switched over to another server and uploaded the them to the other platform to fix the menu bar problem.

    The WP Customer Reviews plug-in is being used under the “Testimonials” link.

    The reviews that clients leave are a very light font color. I’d like to change the font color to Black.

    No problem – we all have times like that :). It looks like you just need to change or add CSS to change that for the “blockquote” element –

    blockquote {
        color: #000000;

    Are you using a custom CSS option or plugin? That’s the best way to do these kinds of changes – that way they won’t get overwritten when the theme is updated. If you want to add it, JetPack is a good option and it adds some other cool features to your site as well.

    I downloaded the WP Customer Review plugin off of the Word Press website
    (this one).

    would I go into the themes CSS or the Customer Reviews CSS?
    also how would go about navigating on the CSS?
    am I looking for the code you present above and just changing the color to ( #000000; ) ? OR am I adding the entire code above to the CSS ?

    I’m familiar with the color definitions, I’m having trouble locating the correct area to complete the edit or the add.

    You really should use a different plugin to add custom CSS – you don’t want to edit any existing files because those changes will be erased when the theme is updated. But the code that’s creating the light color is in the “light.css” file for Sliding Door.

    I’m not CSS savvy, is JetPack pretty easy to use?

    Do I upload JetPack to Word Press as I would any other Plugin?

    …after working w/ child theme, and a few widgets I mess up the site:

    Problem one:
    Opening Page…the Image Menu and Text menu is retrieving the gallery page, _the correct page is ” Quienes somos”
    If I erase the gallery page, them the opening page is the “Spanish School”; if I erase the Spanish School page, them the opening page became “Carta de la Presidencia”

    Problem two:
    The secondary widgets area no longer works. It looks like that my default page is just a two columns page. I can’t place widgets in the right side of the page.

    Ok, Volunters ! I hope that this challenge is good enough for your great brain !, thanks !

    … 2 hrs after I partially solve Problem Two.
    Solution: updating the theme !, know my widget (list of events) shows only one Venue !

    @alherr – if you still need help, you need to start your own thread – please see:

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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