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  • I’ve been using WP for about 3 years now. Started on and went to self hosted with GoDaddy just over a year ago. Until around Christmas Eve, the site was sending comment notifications and form submissions (I’m using cforms) without fail. Then it stopped cold.
    I’ve checked all my admin and cp settings to verify my email address is still there and both “Email me whenever” boxes are checked under discussion.
    GoDaddy says their side looks fine and MX records are set correctly for my Google Apps account. The support tech said I might need to do a clean install of WP… that sounds daunting!

    I’ve read some threads about using plugins to facilitate an SMTP solution, but am not convinced that will solve my issues fully… I still need to use Google apps to handle my email (not GoDaddy’s) and with GoDaddy it looks like I only have a daily smtp relay limit of 250. If the site was working perfectly before, what would stop it now?

    Has anyone else encountered this and fixed it? Is it possible that a php file has been corrupted somewhere?

    Any help would be much appreciated (my two C++ classes from college are not helping me much and I’m looking at code that is way over my head!)

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  • @rockinmama,

    What happened around xmas eve? Did you upgrade to 2.9 by any chance?


    Sorry meant to say that previously… I didn’t upgrade until today (thinking it my just kickstart the emails again)… wishful thinking, but no luck!


    Did anything change on your blog on new years eve?

    Also, when you say “the site was sending comment notifications” – do you mean that blog admin is set to be notified when a comment appears or when a comment is held for moderation?

    And, have you tried deactivating all plugins to see if the error still happens?


    Nope, no changes that I’m aware of and the update to 2.9 doesn’t appear to have caused any other issues.
    The site was sending comment notifications for any and all comments (held or automatically approved)

    just deativated all plugins and approved a few comments- no emails so far


    This would safely rule out cforms as the culprit.
    (process of elimination)

    Is the email address in question able to receive emails otherwise?


    receiving emails perfectly, just not from the site, which is why I called GoDaddy. And nothing in the spam folder either.

    Oddly enough, I’ve got a sub site ( its running 2.8.4 and its not sending comment notifications or Cforms submissions either…Hum, so its either BOTH installs (less likely), GoDaddy or Google rejecting the emails.


    the next thing that I would be looking at is your log. It should contain SMTP errors as to why the email is not being sent by WP. I’m not familiar with GoDaddy hosting but I’m pretty sure you have access to such info.


    Thanks @rschilt- I’ll look into it, but I have no idea where to start really. Is that going to be a file somewhere in the root dir or something GoDaddy has somewhere else? (I don’t currently have an email account setup with them directly- so they aren’t relaying SMTP from what I can tell- looks more like a PHP mailer)
    Thanks for your help!


    you should have access to logs from CPanel.

    It doesn’t matter that your account lies elsewhere – the smtp error (or no error) from within PHP should still show up in one of host’s logs. If in error it will have an error message if success it will have a success message. Perhaps ask GoDaddy tech support where you can locate these logs. My feeling is that this will give you strong clues as to what is going on.


    Update on the situation:

    Godaddy specifically has told me that their mail logs show the mail leaving their server successfully. BUT gmail, aol, yahoo and similar email services have been blocking form mail from things such as wordpress for some time now. Apparently it is a fluke that mine have been getting through. BTW, I’m not allowed to see the mail log, its not available to me (and since I’m on shared hosting, I don’t have my own log). Additionally, I’m discovering that I don’t really have a true cPanel environment since I’m not on my own dedicated server. So I don’t have access to anything above the html folder that is visible to the web.

    Next problem, which their supposedly looking into, is why I am having so much trouble using smtp servers. Despite installing and trying several SMTP plugins, nothing has worked so far. According to GD, I’m supposed to be able to use, but that isn’t working. I should definitely be able to use and authenticate with my google apps account, but again not working. I’m at a loss. For the moment I did discover that cforms 11 has a database storage option, so at least my form submissions are not getting lost anymore and I can view them in the WP dashboard.

    Been having the same trouble on every blog that has been updated to WP 2.9 and now 2.9.1 has the same thing going on.

    Not sure if this will be helpful, but I also am running 2.9.1 on two of sites as well as cforms. I was using cforms 10.4.1 on one of the sites, and today my email address associated with the cform exceeded GoDaddy’s smtp relay limit (“Sorry, over your daily relay limit”). When I called GoDaddy, they confirmed that that account did indeed exceed it’s relay limits (250), but I had only sent a dozen emails as far as I was concerned.

    The other site is running 2.9.1 and cforms 11.1 and is not having any issues. Something definitely “hacked” something to send me over the limit.

    I’m having a very similar issue. I’m hosting wordpress on Amazon EC2. My domain is registered through godaddy. I also use godaddy’s mx records to route my email (set up in google apps).

    I don’t receive any emails to my google app domain-specific email address (such as comment notifications, forgot password emails, etc…) from wordpress. But I do receive email to my gmail account, and other users also receive emails to their gmail accounts.

    Any ideas?

    On Dreamhost there is a Maildir and when PHP mails fail or get auto replies from people being away it fills up with files for every mail failed. And each fail contains the email and reason for failure. I haven’t been on GoDaddy. I had another host where these files would end up somewhere else.

    I found a nice solution to throttle email over a time period at . GoDaddy has a 1000 recipients per day limitation so this sorted out my problem.

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