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  • Hello, so my problem is pretty straight forward. If i am not logged in as admin to my website then it looks really weird and its not just like that weird html glitch u get sometimes, the site looks completely different. usually i have my own background image and the preset black content area, im using twently eleven theme, right now my whole site is basically covered in a giant white screen, i still have the text there but its not visible and the menus have turned to a blue color.

    my website is:

    i dont really know how to elaborate on this but i think once u visit my site u will see what i mean.

    please help if you can im clueless in this situation.

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  • your front page’s content has many inline styles with font color white; edit the page, switch to the ‘text’ setting of the editor, and remove those inline styles.

    there might be more white fonts set in style.css of your theme (?)

    the theme seems to be ‘minileven’ – not Twenty Eleven;
    where did you download it from?

    hmm il look at that theme, but what does inlinestyles have to do with my problem? and btw i dont know if it has anything to do with it but im using a font plugin to change some of my font colors and sizes.

    ok i just checked my theme, im still using twenty eleven, and iv never installed a “minileven”… but do you know what is causing my normal website logo and menus to be completely overrided? also usually my website has a slider, thats gone too…

    also, why is this only happening when im not in admin?…

    the site (public side) does not load any Twenty Eleven stylesheet, but uses (apert from other stylesheets) the ‘minileven’ mobile stylesheet from ‘jetpack’.

    might be a problem with using a cache plugin;

    try to deactivate ‘W3 Total Cache’ while you are working on your theme.

    ok il go ahead and try that, one second

    bingo it worked! but now i cant keep the plugin on if i want my site to work properly? btw i do believe there might be something wrong with my plugin installation, the plugin gives weird errors sometimes when i activate/deactivate it….

    should you get more future problems with the cache, the plugin has its onw support section

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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