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  • Hello Everyone

    I have noticed this slowness on all of my WordPress based sites.
    But I have a big site with 58 thousand posts. I have been struggling with its speed for a while now.
    That wordpress site was converted from another cms system which was working smoothly for 5 years, with the same statistics!
    But I had to convert to wordpress to benefit from the endless options and plugins.
    Now the real problem is that this site is consuming a huge amount of cpu, which affects all the sites on my server and brings them down every hour or so .. then I would have to keep rebooting… and that causes other problems as well.

    So this is what I’ve done to try and solve the issue:

    1- I removed all unnecessary plugins, but Kept the minimum of the ones I need the most.
    I had to do that although – ironically – plugins were the reason why I converted to WP in the first place!
    Here is the list of plugins I kept and couldn’t sacrifice:
    Ad Injection
    Auto Upload Images
    Broken Link Checker
    Category Checklist Tree
    Category Wise Search Widget
    Contact Form 7
    Intuitive Category Checklist
    WordPress File Monitor Plus
    Quick Adsense
    Simple Post Views Counter
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
    WP No External Links

    2- I have used the free Cloudflare service.

    3- Have used caching plugins like w3-total-cache (it didn’t fix the issue) then used Wp Super Cache and Wp Minify, with no avail also!
    The cpu problem continued to occur, although a little bit less frequently than before.

    4- Started optimizing the database tables more frequently.

    5- I even disabled new registrations, and also disabled all comments of all the site. So the only activity users can do is limited to browsing posts. Thus I have no spam problems.

    6- Freed may server space from many gigs; deleted unnecessary files and backups.

    All that seemed to be useless in getting rid of the cpu high usage and the bringing of the whole server down every couple of hours.
    And this is really frustrating and keeping me from focusing on anything else in my work.
    But when I was using other software for that same site, I didn’t have such problem, although some of those software was really heavy and complicated ones!

    I badly need professional help (I’m willing to pay for it).
    I cannot use anything except WP now … and I seem to be stuck in nowhere.

    I use a dedicated server with relatively very good features and capacity, and with a big and respected hosting company.
    This is the site:
    It gets about 3000 unique visitors and 15000 pageviews daily.

    That’s it folks
    Thanks in advance

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  • i dont think this would be a “one fix and your done” type job.

    there are different things you can do to reduce load.

    i would first look at php APC,
    maybe move your database onto another server, to reduce the load on one server

    Thank you jmyeom

    Can you please elaborate more on your advice of moving my database to another server?
    Would you recommend a hosting with reasonable prices but that can handle such database and traffic?

    Any other advice about the best wp configurations to reduce server load would be much appreciated.

    Any other ideas guys ?
    This has become a great hindrance!
    Would using multiple databases for the same site be a practical idea, and does anyone use it … and of course How?

    I know wpmudev makes a plugin similar to splitting the DB, its a premium plugin though

    timmy77- were you able to figure this out? I’m not having as severe of problems as you, but as of 3.6 my CPU utilization (4%-6%) is unacceptable for my shared hosting provider.

    I’ve done everything they’ve said to do, including CloudFlare, even removed some plugins that weren’t absolutely necessary or that I could live without for a time and my utilization is not going down. I’ve even done their recommended bot blocking (even bing, yahoo, msn!) which I’m not too crazy about. All except google bots which I can see are hitting my sites pretty hard. They won’t let me adjust my crawl rate so I’ve emailed them to change that.

    Just curious how things are going for you now. I visited your site and it’s extremely fast. Curious if you found a plug-in that was causing the problem because I’m using some of them.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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