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  • We have been having difficulty getting our WP site to not-crash a browser. I’ve attempted to navigate to it on firefox, chrome, safari, and on each of those it either gives a “oh snap” warning, or causes the browser app to go unresponsive.

    Everything was working fine until this morning’s attempt to navigate to the site.

    I’m wondering if it’s possible that building my uppsite could have caused an issue. Has anyone experienced this? I wish I could point to something unusual, or a different change i may have made but it was honestly an over-night change.

    Another thought- the site was down for “scheduled maintenance” that blue host told me was on WP end not theirs- though I couldn’t find any kind of notification that my site would be down?? Perhaps something got josstled out of place during maintenance?

    Thanks in advance!

    site is: pasttheirprime

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  • I just tried on Firefox, Safari and Chrome (Mac) and it had no problems. It was a bit slow, but nothing major. Have you cleared any and all browser and site caches?

    Looks clean on Securi too.

    Seems to work fine for me using Opera and Safari. One thing I notice is that the three thumbnails are actually gigantic images that have been scaled down. I would suggest you photoshop those down to the actual size you need instead of using the HTML to scale them. I have pretty fast internet and it took a while for those images to load fully. Could it be that you’re hitting your bandwidth utilization limits with your hosting provider?

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    @pasttheirprime: Ah, well, those 3 lower images are insanely huge sizes: 4 and 5 megs each. Reduce them in file size and display size.

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the advice. The photos have been the same since the beginning and I hadn’t had any issues throughout. Temp photos (yeah, I know they’re too big, web dev 101, but I’ve been speed-building).

    I think the problems stopped happening when I removed the one image that WAS small (yet would not display properly) and once I removed the uppsite “download our app” embed from the footer. Once that was gone, it seemed to start working again.

    I haven’t cleared my browser/site caches either, though, so I’m guessing some of my issues are linked. Haven’t shut down the browsers since starting the build. eep!

    Thanks again!

    curious though– where do we go to find out about if/when our site will be down for wordpress “scheduled maintenance”? If it’s scheduled, shouldn’t I be able to find that info somewhere? It’s hard when you budget time/resources to work on web construction and the functionality’s blocked.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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