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  1. margulies
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm on a hostgator business acct.

    Running Semiologic Pro Alpha

    Completely new database wordpress setup w/ fantastico.

    When I logged in for the very first time, it said that my database needs to be updated, so I clicked "update," and in lke 2 secs it said "ok you can log in" (not exact wording).

    So i'm thinking my site http://www.twilight-wallpaper.com is not communicating w/ the database properly? Or that my site isn't displaying error pages for some reason?

    I can login and everything, I just can't see anything when I view it.

    Another support forum told me to ask Hostgator if their business acct. had the following (b/c the theme I have won't work w/o):

    * Linux or BSD server running Apache
    * mod_rewrite turned on and working by default
    * php 5.0 and MySQL 4.1.1
    * safe_mode turned off
    * memory_limit set to 32 Megs or higher

    ANybody that can help me out on this is a godsend.


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