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    I’m sure I’ve done something simple, but I’m trying to figure out if it’s a quick flip of a bit, or something deeper and more sinister I’ve got to deal with. Hope someone’s got some time to help.

    I’ve got a handful of instances of WP on my domain ( with sub-sites @, and a few others.

    They’ve all be working well for many years, with the odd hiccup here and there, but today I upgrade the instance at the root to 3.6, and now none of the other sites (or admin pages) will show me anything other than a blank white page. No source, no error, no nothing.

    Have tried getting to /blog/wp-admin and /blog/wp-admin/wp-login.php as well as the rest of the sites (some of which weren’t upgraded yet) and the result is the same for all of them other than the one at the root: blank white page.

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  • Answered my own question:

    Looks like one of my plugins, namely WordPress Automatic Update was causing problems for any of the WordPress installations that had it. At least that was the one that wouldn’t re-enable when I did the following:

    1. FTP into your site, and find the wp-content folder
    2. In that folder, *rename* the plugins folder to plugins.old
    3. Log into your dashboard as usual, and check the Plugins area.
    4. You’ll notice everything’s been disabled, that’s fine.
    5. In the FTP again, rename the plugins.old back to plugins.
    6. In the plugins dashboard, re-enable the plugins again (bulk action is fine).
    7. Make note of any of the plugins that won’t activate, and enable the rest.
    8. See if there’s an update for any of the plugins that won’t update.
    9. Decide whether or not you *really* need the plugins that don’t work.

    What do you mean by FTP as I updated to 3.6 and now none of my pages other than the homepage will work. I was also getting the jQuery message until I deactivated my ly all in one calendar, but now none of my other pages will work. Any suggestions?

    Hi Chris, sorry to hear this is happening to you, but don’t lose hope! Once I figured it out, it was quick to correct.

    When you first set up your WordPress installation, there was a point when you had file access to your web site, and there wasn’t a blog on there yet, and the program looked similar to a Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer. You had to copy a folder of files up to your server that would later become your WordPress installation. If your WordPress install is doing what mine did (blank white screen after upgrade to 3.6), you’ll need to be able to see that FTP/FileManager view again to fix it.

    For that you’ll need an FTP (File Transfer Program). There are many free ones, but I suggest FileZilla Client (free for Windows and Mac)

    Your website might also have “CPanel” access, which is usually available by going to www.{yourwebsite}.com/cpanel or possibly cpanel.{yourwebsite}.com From there, you can usually get some sort of file manager access.

    You’ll need a username and password for the CPanel or FTP access, that will *probably* be different from your WordPress login user/pass, but *might* be the same as your email login for the first account of the Domain, when it was created.

    Just checked your site though, and your blogs are coming up just fine. Hope that means you figured it out.

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