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    I am using the latest version of wordpress and the plugin doesnt seem to be compatible, any way to go about fixing this?

    any other people having the same issue with upgrading wordpress?

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  • Hi! I wrote a comment here.
    Any solutions so far?

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    please try the latest version of the plugin.

    the latest version of the WP-SimpleViewer plugin (v2.0.4) does work with WordPress v3.0.1.

    to “simpleviewer”
    your message is contradicting, you say to use the latest version and then say the latest version v2.0.4 does not work with wordpress v3.0.1

    the fact that the lastest version v2.0.4 does not work with v3.0.1 is our issue that we are trying to resolve

    anyone else have any solutions?

    ok i think i figured out, didnt understand you, i have to remake all of my galleries to get it to work.

    ok i got it to work finally

    HUH?? Resolved? MJEG, did you post a solution anywhere? May I see it?

    the plugin has been completely redisigned, old photo albums need to be recreated using the new instructions, and then i got it to work. With in the post use the wordpress media upload and upload the images, put the caption for each of the images in the caption box for the images as you would for any other pictures in any other wordpress gallery you are creating, similarly put the pictures in the order that you want. then save setting (without inserting the gallery)

    then click on the simpleviewer icon in the post to insert the gallery and set the pictures location source as wordpress (other option is flickr)

    i had trouble with a few of them, the same rules apply as before regarding the types of images that can be used.

    you must empty your broser cache to see changes in a gallery if you edit captions or other settings after inserting the gallery,

    plugin still needs work to make this simpler but it can work.

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    MJEG I think you misread my post. I said WP-SimpleVIewer v2.0.4 does work with WP v3.0.1.

    Upgrading to the new plugin will cause galleries created with the old plugin (v1.5.4) not to display. Check here for the solution:

    yes i read your post, but i guess i got mine to work, i know previous galleries do not work, but i simply easily recreated them since they were already organized into folders i added those to the media library tagged them to the post and created a new gallery and its working for me. i recreated the galleries with the old images

    I’ve written a very very long workaround to make my old galleries work again. It’s half automated, half manual. But at least it works.

    Do give comments if I missed anything.

    Also using Media Library to manage the picture is a really bad idea. Have you had the experience of editing the captions of all your pictures? It’s no fun using the Media Library at all! It used to be easy with the previous SV interface.

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    @jackyyong: If you look at my post above or any of the docs you will see there is a solution to keep your previous galleries intact:

    Re: using the Media Library. The idea is that if this is a WP plugin we should use the built in WP functionality for managing images. With the previous version of the plugin you were required to manually FTP images which many people don’t want to do.

    BTW – if you are unhappy with the new (free) plugin, you are welcome to keep using the old version.

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