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  1. dczepiel
    Posted 6 years ago #


    at http://dczepiel.pl/testbaza I want to use Modularity Lite theme (950px wide) and wp-simpleviewer plugin to present portfolio. Please help with the following 3 problems:

    1. If you click on Categories and Street an album appears - I'd like to have the selected image fill the 950px (or at least 750px) width with the navigation menu below it, in one row. Navmenu is OK now (1 row, 10-12 thumbnails) but still I can't get the image to be bigger although I set width to 950px (both wpsimpleviewer options and album options) and height to 650. Can you help ?

    2. In the very same album, how do I make it so that the caption text (Test caption text) is displayed above the navigation bar and below the actual photo, centered?

    3. If you click Categories and Places I want to have a list of albums there (so far I have two "City that doesn't sleep" and "Kreta") but shown not as text but as thumbnails.
    The post consists of only the following code:
    [svgallery name="New York" link="City That Doesn\'t Sleep"]

    [svgallery name="" link="Kreta"]

    how do I modify this text so that the link is not text but an image (thumbnail) and when I hover over the thumbnail the actual text displays?

    I'd appreciate any help,

  2. dczepiel
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Figured out number 3 - thumbnail links.
    The html code should look like this:

    <a title="Kreta" href="http://dczepiel.pl/testbaza/?FullScreenGallery=Kreta&keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=600&width=900"><img src="http://picadress/picture.jpg"></a>

    Width and height can be changed, "Kreta" is the name of my gallery so these are the fields that can be changed.

    Question though - is there a way to adjust the code so that width and height is automaticaaly adjusted to fit the browser's resolution (fit on screen - maximum possible values but with all elements visible).

  3. dczepiel
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I went with NextGen Gallery plugin since #2 is only available in the premium version.

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