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wp-signup.php redirect

  • I have a multisite and I am using Pippins Restrict content pro for registration. After a user registers I will direct them to the signup.php page to create their own blog. The only problem is that a person can link directly to signup.php and it will allow them to create a username and blog, bypassing my registration page with RCP and stopping me from getting any money. I have found articles on how to edit the signup.php page and putting in in your theme so that when you update it won’t be put back to normal. I would just like to know if there is any way I can change code in the signup.php to redirect a person to my registration page through RCP if they are not signed in as a user. That way a person can never register as a user through signup.php because they will always be directed to the RCP registration page.

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  • I take it you can’t just turn off the allow signup settings… I don’t know how Pippin’s plugin works.

    Likely, you could redirect via .htaccess all /wp-signup.php requests to your custom page, and on that page do a check for if the user is logged in.

    Allowing signups through signup.php does not actually cause users to bypass the RCP registration process and gain access to the premium content. They will create a user account yes, but they won’t have any premium access.

    I’m actually thinking that the best way to handle this will be fore me to make an update to the plugin to not disable registration if the global user registration option is turned off.

    If I updated it to allow RCP registrations while disabling normal registrations, would that work for you?

    Yes that would solve it!!! Thanks Pippin

    Ok! I’ll try and push out an update early next week.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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