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    Nice work! I’ve added it to the Codex list.

    Wow! I’m impressed. Very cool.


    Does it include Monthly Stats…. becoz fomr the look of it it is like a from beginning to now…………

    Although i love the idea of it avalible from Dash Board. Is there any other similar stats script that uses the dash board idea?

    This is way cool – I was looking at this script last night on Inmans sites as so many people in the know rave about it.

    Very nice having it in the dashboard.

    There have been some very cool plug-ins recently. Thanks 🙂


    macmanx: ooh, thanks! Forgot about adding it there.

    Ksec: I’m not familiar enough to say what the other stats plugins do, or how they operate. I just made this one. :/

    As for monthly stats, no it does not. From reading the ShortStat code it looks like most of the stats are just aggregate functions — meaning they have no timelimit. It just includes everything since it began tracking. Of course, the week list goes back one week from today — which is probably the only time sensitive element.

    For tracking monthly stats I would recommend something more thurough, like AWStats which will analyze your Apache logs. It’s a far more detailed and overall analysis, since WP-ShortStat only tracks users and hits that occur in WordPress code. Oh, and it does monthlies. 😉

    looks good – will be giving it a try.

    thnx for the plugin!

    Really cool! I like it

    can you add an option that members – who are logged in – are not counted?

    ooh, very nice 🙂

    Josepo: If I end up adding a page for options, I’ll put that one in there. But, I wonder, why do you not want to know what registered members are looking at?

    cause i’m the only member and i don’t need to count my own visits 🙂 especially not the visits in the backoffice

    Josepo: Hrm, it seems that the admin section detection was faulty for a few people. I’ve updated the plugin to v1.2 which should alleviate the problem. Let me know if that works…

    nice i’m using it 🙂

    That is so clever! i have always wonder how to exclude myself from the stats.

    But Shortstats is not comprehensive enough. while other are without this features……….><

    Ksec: You are absolutely right ShortStat is not comprehensive — hence the “Short” 😉

    Also, if by “exclude yourself” you mean that your wp-admin/ pages are showing up, just redownload the plugin (v1.2). I fixed that problem.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 53 total)
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