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  • I am using WP-ShortStat v1.3 with WordPress 2.0 on my site Everything worked fine until yesterday, when my web host switched my site to a different server.

    Now my own site shows up in the ShortStat Recent Referrers and Repeat Referrers list. How do I get it not to do that?

    I have tried deactivating and uninstalling ShortStat, deleting the corresponding tables from the db, and then reinstalling and reactivating.

    I should mention that is an addon domain and subdomain of another website. I haven’t made any addon domain, subdomain, or htaccess changes to my site in months.

    My web host assured me that it was a straight move from one server to another, but something must not have been carried over. What can I check? I have searched on this issue here at and in Google, but didn’t find anything.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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  • Okay, I’m close to the answer, but need somebody to push me over the edge. 🙂

    When I enter in my browser window or,

    Neither shows up in the wp-shortstat referrer list, which is the correct behavior.

    But if I enter or, these do show up in the referrer list, which I don’t want.

    How (or where) do I change this?


    Hello, I am still having problems with this, so I’m hoping someone has a suggestion for me. 🙂

    It’s gotten to the point where my shortstat db table (wp_ss_stats) has ballooned to a whopping 19.4MB, resulting in pretty sluggish wp-shortstat performance.

    Thanks for any help! -Jennie

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