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  • WP-shortstat broke quietly yesturday. It says I have gotten no refers or hits today which is mad BS. I installed 1 plugin yesturday which was the “statisc reloaded” or whatever its called and it just stopped working. I installed BA-stats and it works fine. If someone can give me a solution, let me know.

    *** Can a big server load cause it to stop working for 2 days? ***

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  • can’t work. on the one side, your stats plugin relies on a plugin hook; on the other, an advanced caching plugin will prevent the hook to be called. try the aw-stats plugin, it relies on server logs.

    Moderator James Huff


    Or, just try the original ShortStat.

    Didn’t XeroCool say that BA-stats works with Staticize? If so, just copy the technique?

    Interestingly, our AWStats stopped being able to update his site stats as of about 10pm last night. Apache is still logging 4 hits per second (average), but the stats update wasn’t seeing anything new…

    I have a similar problem suddenly with wp-shortstat (which I am addicted to, it’s a great plugin ’til I broke it). I’ve searched the forums, seeing if I missed anything.

    Problem: wp-ShortStat stopped counting. It says 0 hits for several days (should average 200+). Shortstat was working previously for weeks. It might’ve stopped when I upgraded to WP1.5.2 but that might not be the cause.

    I went to myPHP-admin and deleted the 2 wp-ss tables from the database, re-activated the plugin…. it rebuilt the tables it needs, but still not counting hits.

    I don’t recall, and can’t find any documentation saying, that I would need to place a certain code in my Header (as I needed to for Counterize and other plugins), so if I have forgotten that and potentially deleted it, please remind me the trigger code?

    ^^^ Found out this error is because WP-Shortstat is incompatible with Google Sitemaps Plugin at this time.

    borked != broken 🙂

    Thank you for pointing that out Dgold.

    I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to get ShortStat to work!

    Do you know if there are any planned updates in the pipeline? I would love to be able to run both plugins together.



    Ahh DGold…wicked, man. I’ve been killing myself trying to figure this out.

    So..It’s been so long since I installed Google Sitemap…do I just have to delete the sitemap.xml, sitemap.xml.gz, and GOOOGLExxxx.html files to uninstall sitemap on my site?




    Oh..the Google Sitemaps PLUGIN – sorry. I missed th e PLUGIN part…deactivated and now all works.




    I posted a Workaround solution in another thread, basically it is simply this ((I have no idea if the plugin authors are here, aware, or planning to fix this))


    Install & activate both plug-ins.

    Options > Sitemaps > Rebuild Sitemap (this creates your sitemap)

    then Plugins > DE-Activate Google Sitemaps plugin

    ShortStat will only stop-working for the 2 minutes you are creating the Sitemap! When you de-activate the G.S.Plugin you still have the sitemap XML in your root directory for google to see, and ShortStat resumes counting again immediately.

    Simply re-activate the G.S.Plugin when you feel the need to update your sitemap (I don’t do it for every time I post, just sometimes).

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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