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  • I’d like to use WP as a CMS for a website such as to be able to update certain sections independently.
    Ideally, WP should be able to create [or use existing directories on the server], where it saves pages with sub-directories for pictures.
    As I understand, you can produce posts and pages with WP. However, it looks like it’s mostly geared towards producing a single directory where all the posts are collected, under individual categories. It appears that you can’t save single pages under categories, that would mimic the structure of a website.
    Using v.2.01, and very noob to WP, so please help!
    Thank you,

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  • All posts and Pages etc. in wp are held in a mysql database. Pages (with the capital P) are a “non-date-heirarchy-flow” version of posts.

    None of the posts/Pages appear as “normal” html/php files.

    I have a WP site that I use as a CMS….over 200+ users, 30 categories, link sets, everything….

    took a few months to get it close to how I wanted it, (password protected, Roles, and several user levels) but it works just fine..

    go for it!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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