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  • locally and on my personal remote server, functions.php w the following:

    if (isset($_GET['define_ses'])) {
    	$_SESSION['test'] = 'defined';
    } else {

    works. Ie:, I define the session w the URL http://.../?define_ses , then change the URL and on every page, $_SESSION['test'] = 'defined' as expected. the value is remebered.

    BUT on my clients remote server, this is not the case…

    When the URL is http://.../?define_ses $_SESSION['test'] = 'defined'
    but when the url changes the var is blank $_SESSION['test'] = '' . the value is not being carried from page-to-page as it is on my local and personal server.

    The only thing I know about this server is that “Mod_security is in effect“. I know it’s wordpress because when i put that first snippet into a non-wordpress test.php page, the session’s do work and it is remembered- it’s only not remembering in my wordpress files.

    Can anyone please let me know any reason why my session values aren’t being remembered?

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  • it was an issue with register_globals, they needed to be off – (this may cause some security issues though?)

    the problematic wp function doing the deed is wp_unregister_globals()

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