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  • If WP Sentry is active, pagemash does not function properly. All hidden pages show up in the widget rather than remain hidden. If WP Sentry is deactivated, the pages immediately go back to their previously hidden state.

    Any solutions flying around for this? I didn’t find this reported, but my search skills are not up to par.

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  • PageMash simply adds a filter to WP’s wp_list_pages() function. However wp-sentry has to remove the default widgets and add in it’s own custom ones which only show the posts/pages the current user is allowed to see. Since it gets all this data straight from the database it is therefore not passed by the pageMash filter.
    So I don’t think there is any easy solution, unless wp-sentry added extra code to check it’s data against registered filters, but this would be quite a bit more work.
    Everything here is all open source though, which means you’re more than welcome to code it yourself.
    Hope this helps,

    Crap. I’m no programmer and I really love this plug in (pagemash, that is). But I did like the Sentry options over some of the other privacy managers. Given the choice, however, I’ll stick with pagemash and look for a different privacy solution.

    @eremiticlife :

    which are the privacy managers you’re refering to? I haven’t been able to find any other than Sentry..


    Apologies, I’m just now noticing this thread — jmash is correct, although this is an issue I would imagine could be resolved one way or another — I hadn’t really anticipated this issue.

    One of the options is to disable the sentry-provided widgets, which should solve the problem, although it would mean that pagemash wouldn’t get the private posts, so it might not work quite like you’d want.

    Disabling Sentry widgets will be an option in future releases, but for now you can do this manually by commenting out the group of three lines from the register_widgets() function.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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