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  • I am working with a variety of pages that can go 5 layers deep, We decided to break it down into sections and use three different navigations. As you can imagine this starts to get trick, I am looking for a dynamic way to create a navigation per second level page and another for third level.

    What I do have is a script I wrote using wp_get_list and it works great YET it works off the current page’s ID and checks if theres a parent and always displays the correct info UNLESS you are deeper then the two levels then it shows one above it.
    – Example using Slugs:
    – If I select on the main nav ‘services’ which is already made, I need it to show the different ‘types’ under services in the second navigation and all the ‘info’ for that ‘type’ on the third navigation (remember these are pages parented).

    So What I am Asking: Is there a way to find the second highest parent of the current page as a selector so I can just get_list off the ID? Also do that same thing for the 3rd parent?

    If I am on: – I need the ID for /services/ always or whatever is in that first slot, also need the ID for /type/ or whats in that slot
    …is that possible?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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