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  • When doing a search (via the WP search block), is there a plugin which enables the search terms to be highlighted?
    (In a simlar way to the google plugin)

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  • uh.. isn’t there a plugin that comes with the defaul installation??

    i think the plugin is for google search not the wordpress search

    Yes this would be useful – highlight WP search terms just like Google ones

    The default search hilite plugin works with both internal and external searches.

    for me some reason it doesn’t highlight internal searches

    same here, using WP1.2. Is there another serach hilite plugin somewhere?

    I run WordPress 1.2 and as you can see here, from the search results for “good” using the wordpress search tool, all occurences of the word good are highlighted in orange :
    There must be some reason why it isn’t working on your site, though, lawtai and zadu, please check everything again, and if that does not work, please let us know.

    zadu, it seems to work on your page as well :
    all the “got”s are highlighted.

    Just tried it again, it seems to highlight the terms of the previous search – and if it’s the 1st search, nothing. This happens both on my site and Carthik’s, and with one serach term or two. Using FF 0.9.3 (shouldn’t be browser-dependent, right?). My blog is a fairly bog-standard WP1.2 install with only minor hacking to accomodate static pages. 2fargon’S, I dunno. Can anyone confirm this?

    Yes, it does that on my site. It is not perfect. If you search for “good back” on my site, it does not highlight some backs. The thing about the previous search items being highlighted is true too. I can look into this when I have some time. You can contact Ryan Boren, the author of the plugin if you want to.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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