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    Thanks a lot for your invaluable WP Schedule Post plugin.

    Please, I want to suggest that the plugin is upgraded so that it would be showing date, and not only time at the top admin bar.

    This is the best way for the plugin to be very useful for someone who is scheduling a lot of posts without having difficulties with remembering last scheduled date or having to go and check the last scheduled date at the dashboard area from time to time, where the date is only being shown, instead to be showing at the top admin bar also where a post scheduler can easily check for dates.


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  • Plugin Author oneTarek


    I will release a new version of this plugin fixing this issue.
    Thanks for using WP Schedule Post plugin.

    Plugin Author oneTarek


    We have released the new version 1.2.0 of this plugin.
    Now you are able to control date format, title length and style for scheduled posts list on admin bar. The default date format is “M-d h:i:a” eg: “Jun-18 03:20:pm”
    Install the updated version and go to plugin settings page, you will find the detail instruction.

    Thanks a lot for this great update.

    After installing this update it only shows the first scheduled post not the entire list.

    Plugin Author oneTarek


    We are using this plugin in many of our own websites. We didn’t see this kind of problem yet.
    Are you using custom post types? There is an option to select custom post types to display in the scheduled post list. It is possible if you didn’t select correct post types. By default ‘Post’ post type is selected. Could you show me the screenshot of your problem. ( screenshot of plugin option page, scheduled post list in adminbar and all posts list)

    Thanks for notifying us about this issue.

    Nope not using custom post types, have been using this plugin for months and always worked like a charm.

    I will email you the screenshots.

    Here are the screenshots:

    I’ve disabled / enabled the plugin, removed it completely and then reinstalled it but the problem persists.

    Not using custom post types either and played around with the date formats to see if that caused the problem.

    Plugin Author oneTarek


    Your screenshot says you have 17 scheduled posts. I am thinking another possible cause of this issue.

    Did you set your own format in the option field Item template ?
    If you made any HTML mistake in your custom title format then this issue may be happened.

    If you did that, send us the value of Item template field
    And if you did not do that, then I have to see live in your dashboard.

    Another possible cause:
    what is the title of your next scheduled post that not being shown in the list ? I have to check if there is any mistake in plugin to filter special character or any quote ” ‘ from post title.

    It does say that there are 17 scheduled posts (the number of scheduled posts is always correct) but when you click on it only the next scheduled post is shown.

    I did play around with the settings but in every setting it only shows the next scheduled post and not the entire list (as it did before the update).

    Item template:
    %TITLE%… by %AUTHOR% for %DATE%

    Title length:

    Date format:
    d-M H:i

    The title of the next scheduled post is always show correctly, we schedule 13 posts per day and it always shows the next one without issues.

    I just looked at the code and ran the widget SQL Code in PHPmyadmin and it gives the correct result.

    SELECT *
    FROM wp_posts
    WHERE post_status = ‘future’
    AND post_type = ‘post’
    ORDER BY post_date ASC

    On the “Dashboard” the entire list is visible:

    Plugin Author oneTarek


    We have released a new version 1.2.1 with fixing this admin bar list issue.
    Use this updated version.

    It’s fixed, thank you very much!!

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