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    I am having issues uploading images to my blog. Here’s what I do:

    -Upload the image (via the flash or web uploader, makes no difference)

    -The image appears as a question mark.

    -In FTP, I look in the place where it says the image is (wp-content/uploads) and the image is not there.

    Originally, I couldn’t even upload, which I fixed by changing some permissions and adding the /uploads directory.

    This is mostly a default installation, only thing I have modified is the theme, and I removed some “aria-required” tags in the comments.php for now until they become valid code. If it helps, here’s my blog:

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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  • Anyone have any ideas?


    If anyone could provide me a means of fixing this problem I would be grateful. If I can’t figure it out, then where to I go? Do I need to pay someone to fix it?

    I have to get this working.

    Have you tried the URL of one of these images in your web browser to see if it loads? Are you using absolute URLs (those beginning with http)? Relative image URLs do not work.

    I don’t know if it’s related, but you are having permalinks problems. Verify your permalinks settings and then click Save Changes even if you haven’t changed anything.

    iridiax – The URL needless to say does not load. And as I said, can’t see it in FTP so it hasn’t actually uploaded the image. Therein lies the problem.

    And what issues are you seeing with the permalinks? I was having issues but I got it all together and thought they were fixed. Hitting save changes on that page doesn’t work anyway unless I paint a big target that says “hack me” on my .htaccess

    I am using THE WP SYSTEM. There’s no URL involved, at this point, it automatically puts in a full URL so how could I be using a relative URL? The problem is it’s not uploading the image at all.

    And what issues are you seeing with the permalinks?

    Sometimes your links load as pretty, default ugly, or generate a “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” error.

    Hmm, I don’t get that at all, I’ve refreshed the page quite a lot trying to find it.

    Are you using the little “Popular” thing on the right? I think that thing is just glitching out right now because there’s not enough posts to fill it up.

    Are you using the little “Popular” thing on the right? I think that thing is just glitching out right now because there’s not enough posts to fill it up.

    Yeah, that might be it, although I’ve never heard of this kind of plugin messing up permalinks. I’d recommend trying a different plugin for this.

    If you are having ftp issues, your permissions may still be wrong, your ftp settings/password/upload directory incorrect, your ftp program is having problems, your web host is having problems, or you are out of web hosting disk space. Does any ftp work to your site currently?

    what kind of images are you uploading? Do they have extensions? Have you deactivated all of your plugins to see if somethign there is messing it up? Have you reverted to the default theme? (If it works after activating default, then probably something in your functions.php file is screwing things up)

    iridiax FTP works fine. I just can’t upload with the WP interface. And I have plenty of disk space.

    Doodlebee: I’ve tried both PNG and JPG. Exported with Photoshop as most of my other images. And I don’t have a functions.php so it’s using the default.

    >>I just can’t upload with the WP interface.<<

    Now that’s interesting. i think I missed you mentioning this before. What’s happening when you try to use the WP interface?

    And I dont’ think it’s right to say the images aren’t uploading at all (or whatever) – what’s funny is, they’re there, but the extension only. Meaning, where it should say “” it’s referring to “” – the filename is actually missing. This makes me wonder if you’re using some kind of script or plugin hat’s supposed to be dynamically pull in the filename based on something else, while the script itself supplies the rest of the path. That’s what it looks like is what’s happening to me – because when you manually put in the path to the file, you don’t forget the filename.

    I’d say you need to check that script, because it’s not pulling in the name. The path and extension, yes – but the name is not being called in correctly.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not uploading them at all. There’s nothing in that folder, when I look in FTP.

    I just disabled every single plugin, but the problem still occurs.

    Okay. I’m seriously confused.

    The images are there on the home page. How did they get there? Did you use WP to upload them, or did you FTP them to your server yourself?

    Either way, the images ARE there – somewhere – otherwise they wouldn’t show up on the index page.

    I’m not talking about the images now – I’m talking about *how* they are called into your site. As noted, they *are* showing up on your index page – which means that there’s something wrong with *some* code *somewhere* that’s calling them in. As I said, it *appears* you’re using some kind of script in your theme files to call in the filename, but there has to be an error in it, because the filename isn’t showing up (however the rest of the path *is* – including the .jpg extension).

    If it’s not a plugin, then it must be something in the theme files. Without seeing code, there’s no way to diagnose the problem. (And please, don’t paste a bunch of code here on the forum – it’s against the rules – use pastebin for that.)

    How are the images called into the post on the home page? Do you use a tag, or did you use the WP uploading system, or both? Are they links (like hotlinked from another site)?

    What images are there on the home page? There aren’t any images in any of my posts…

    Whoops – sorry about that. I thought you were someone else (had the same issue). Either that, or you recently changed the Theme, because I could swear the one I looked at didn’t look like this one. I *must* be thinking of someone else, because they had lots more content, too – sorry about the confusion. (I need more coffee in the morning, I swear.)

    Did you change the permissions on your uploads folder? I see iridax asked that, but you didn’t answer it. That would be an issue as well.

    Hmm…yeah, I haven’t really changed the theme since I installed it, other than minor changes. And I never had any posts with images.

    I did change the permissions, for the uploads folder. Not my .htaccess, but that should have nothing to do with it right?

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