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  • Hello, I installed wordpress on my Dreamhost account several days ago using their “1-Click Install.” For the first little while, everything was running according to plan, but then, a day or so later, things started getting slow. Very, very slow.

    Non-WP files load fine, but WP-Admin, posting, and editing pages, as well as the WP blog files themselves have, at times, been taking as long as 10 minutes to load.

    I contacted Dreamhost to see if there was a known issue with the MySQL server, and there wasn’t. They recommended I install the wp-cache plugin, which I did. Some threads I’d found suggested setting the cache to up to 12 hours. I did that, and, for an hour or two, at least, things seemed to improve, but now I’m right back where I started.

    Is there a better way for me to configure wp-cache? Or is there something specific that I can ask Dreamhost to fix?

    As Dreamhost heavily advertises WordPress, I figure it //ought// to run smoothly, but it just isn’t. I’m at my wit’s end, right now. Has anyone had a similar experience with Dreamhost specifically, and is there anything I or DH support can do to resolve this?

    Thanks so much.

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  • I know lots of people using WP on DH, without such problems.

    I’d first question what the 1-click install is doing. What version does it install, etc. What config/settings stuff does it do?

    Second, the only case I know of where things just started getting slow was older 2.x versions, where the internal wp object caching mechanism was enabled — but the folder/files weren’t writeable, and it was thrashing constantly each pageload.

    Third, note that WP-Cache only affects non-admin side stuff. So if the admin interface is slow, that’s pointing to a whole different set of issues.


    I have a similar problem with my site ( hosted through GoDaddy. I wrote to them, thinking the problem was with them…they sent me the response below, which I don’t understand very well because I’m not a PHP person and need someone to clearly explain what I need to do to make WordPress load my blog faster. Help!

    > From GoDaddy:
    > Thank you for contacting hosting support. We have reviewed the issue with the WordPress application running slow on your TAPIOCA.TV hosting account. You may want to check with WordPress’ on line support for information on optimizing the application. We tested both the PHP and MySQL capabilities of your account and both appear to be fine. But the WordPress blog is running slow. There may be some settings you can apply to either the PHP configuration file, php.ini, or the WordPress configuration files to speed it up. Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

    I have a blog on DH that runs fine.

    What extensions are you guys running? And, what happens if you disable them?

    as you can see in the title this thread is about Dreamhost, not godaddy.

    You should find the huge number of posts/topics referring to your host and post there – instead of hijacking this topic.

    My WordPress it is also running impossibly slow on DreamHost. I am still talking with support. I have installed the cache plug-in. Both the admin side and the regular side are impossibly slow. I have not installed any other plug-in.

    I am on DH and it works fine for me, I am running 2 seperate wordpress installations without WP-Cache

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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