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  • Hello,

    My WP install publishes a podcast and I’m #2 in my local (French) iTunes Top 100 list.
    That’s great .. but that becomes a huge probleme because I’m unable to provide a correct feed with wp-rss2 and I have a huge nomber of emails from people who fail to subscribe through iTunes.

    I had problem with RSS readers users before but they are more advanced users than iTunes’s one so this was not a real big issue, now this becomes a real big issue.

    WP-rss2 seems to work well with non-accentuated languages (english..) but I absolutely fail to make it work with my language.

    I have a huge lot of problems with RSS2 and iTunes seems very sensible to this, among those, some questions :

    Have a look here :

    1) is there a WP function to remove HTML tags.

    For example <![CDATA[<?php the_content('', 0,'') ?>]]> returns

    This breaks <itunes:summary>

    2) in the_content ' semm to be translated in that breaks my feed is there any solution to have it un changed ?

    3) have someone seen a hack plugin or extensions that takes WP contents and output a static XML file ? Based of the amount of problems I ever had with wp-rss2 it would easier for me to produce a static file and edit it by hand in case of problem.

    Tanks in advance

    Later :
    In case others have the same problem I ended by

    1) Make a view source on the RSS2 link
    2) copy in a text (utf8) file
    3) correct it
    4) save it on the server
    5) adding to .htaccess file the following redirection :
    Redirect temp /feed/rss2 http:/

    This works

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