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  • i want to use wp rocket cache on my wibsite , but the wp cloudflare page cache shows this error :


    Page caching seems not working for both dynamic and static pages.
    Error on dynamic page ( The plugin is not detected on your home page. If you have activated other caching systems, please disable them and retry the test.
    Error on static resource ( Cache status: DYNAMIC - The resource was not cached by default and your current Cloudflare caching configuration doesn't instruct Cloudflare to cache the resource. Instead, the resource was requested from the origin web server.
    Please check if the page caching is working by yourself by surfing the website in incognito mode 'cause sometimes Cloudflare bypass the cache for cURL requests. Reload a page two or three times. If you see the response header cf-cache-status: HIT, the page caching is working well.


    The problem is solved when i disable wp rocket , but i want to use wp rocket cache and cloudflare together on my site
    And I do not want to cause a problem with the performance of the wp rocket cache

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  • Mat


    Hello @mrvb ,

    Thank you for using WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache and for reaching out!

    You can use WP Rocket with this plugin, however, you have to deactivate the caching performed by WP Rocket, as caching systems do not work well together. You can use WP Rocket for all the other things that it can do, but not for caching.

    Please follow these steps:

    1) Disable WP-Rocket and make sure no advanced-cache.php files of other plugins are in the wp-content directory
    2) Enable this plugin
    3) Enable the Fallback Cache option
    4) Click on the Third-Party tab
    5) Scroll to the WP-Rocket Cache Settings section and enable all the options
    6) Purge the cache
    7) If you are not under LiteSpeed Server or are you using LiteSpeed Server version >= 6.0RC1, enable the option Overwrite the cache-control header for WordPress’s pages using web server rules
    8) Enable WP-Rocket again
    9) Purge WP-Rocket cache

    After all the steps have been performed, please check your Response Headers for the HIT status and let us know if it worked for you!

    Thank you and have an amazing day!

    Thread Starter mrvb


    When I disable the wp rocket cache, the page speed score in the mobile section is very low
    I use workers,
    Is it possible to use rocket cache instead of this plugin cache? (If workers are enabled in this plugin)

    Thread Starter mrvb


    Is it possible to use wp rocket for internal cache and use wp cloudflare page cache only for cloudflare ?

    Plugin Contributor iSaumya


    Hi @mrvb,
    Unfortunately you cannot use 2 different page caching system on a site. If you are using this plugin for your page caching then you can use WP Rocket only for your static file optimizations but not for page caching. Page caching needs to be disabled on WP Rocket.

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