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  • Hi,

    There is a well-known problem with the language/currency switcher of Woocommerce Multlingual and WP Rocket. It does not work together yet:

    You are saying a solution should come from them and they say a solution should come from you. They say:

    Yes, currently, WPML Currency Switcher is not compatible with WP Rocket. The issue we have with the plugin is that currency selections are not stored in a cookie, so we cannot create a specific cache for each currency, like we do for Aelia Currency Switcher or the WooCommerce Currency Switcher from WooThemes.

    We are still trying to get in touch with the developers of WPML Currency Switcher to see if compatibility can be achieved in the future. In the mean time, our recommendation would be to use one the plugins mentioned above if you want to use WP Rocket with a currency switcher.

    I have spoken to our lead developer and until WMPL Multilingual Currency Switcher changes the way they save the currency, it will never work with WP Rocket.

    We have no work around due to we can not change how the other plugin saves their content.

    We do apologize for any inconvenience but our hands are tied on this issue until WPML works with us.

    So will you work with them to solve this issue?


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  • Plugin Support George Botsev


    Hello, @wpadgyda
    Did you test our latest release of WooCommerce Multilingual 4.1.3?
    There have been some improvements in the currency switcher so that it should work better with cache now.

    Our compatibility team is in contact with a representative of WP Rocket and they are working on the compatibility issues.

    Is there a fix already for WP-Rocket? Still waiting a long time now to have those two plugins working together nicely.

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    Yes, we have updated to latest versions, everything up-to-date. Yes, improvements are visible, but our luck with the switcher would run out after 3 switches. Then it just won’t work properly with WP Rocket. These improvements might work fine with W3TC etc., but not with WP Rocket. Ask phj123; probably he also needs a fix and since WP Rocket and Woo Multilingual is used often, it might be a fix for a lot of users (potential users), some might have switched to competitor solutions already.

    Plugin Author Mihai Grigori


    @wpadgyda Have you identified exact steps how you can replicate this or does it happen randomly?

    If you have the steps, can you add them here so we can see the problem in action and then address it?


    Thanks for your concern. It actually depends on the browser. Sometimes it fails to switch correctly after 2, 3, 4 times depending on your browser.

    To replicate, pls install WP Rocket and Woo Multilingual with at least 3 languages and set up for each language the respective currency (only one currency for each language), then switch languages in different browsers a couple of times, it will break eventually, i.e. language switches but currency stalls. Then again, one needs to switch back and forth to get it right. It looks like Roulette a little. Hope that is useful. Would be great if these two plugins can work together.

    Plugin Support George Botsev


    Thank you for the details.
    This does not seem as a normal user browsing scenario, but I will forward this to our compatibility team and let them know of this.

    Plug-ins Just dont work together try it yourself! Should be fixed!

    As users, we just hope you guys can solve this issue. Seems not to be straightforward. Also the Woo price filter is reacting slowly, i.e. only when you change price range it would begin to show correct currency. Else, when loading first time it always shows base currency. Might be connected. Thanks.

    The issue with the price filter was correct prior Woo 3.x and all connected Woocommerce Multilingual, WPML updates. Now if you sit in the UK or US, you might see it correctly. But sitting in Germany, we see the price filter showing EUR for English at first load. Once changing price range, it works correctly. Pls confirm it is a Woo Multilingual issue as we suspect. Pls resolve.

    Hope you guys make progress. By the way, using Query Monitor for debugging, it turned out that

    there are duplicate queries:

    2 calls
    Plugin: woocommerce-multilingual
    1 call
    Plugin: woocommerce
    1 call
    1 call
    1 call

    Maybe, something you could improve additionally if it is an issue…

    With update Woo 3.1 now the switcher does not work anymore. Switching language switches currency for a moment, but then goes back to only one currency for all languages.

    Also the price filter does not show the correct currency at first load. We combined CSS in WP Rocket, which solved this issues, i.e. price filter shows correct currency at first load, but only in IE Edge. It broke the site in Mozilla for example. Pls make Woo Multilingual work correctly for the Woocommerce standard price filter and the Woocommerce Multlingual currency switcher.


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