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  • non biased one for a change…

    Short, sweet and mostly right. Seems like their primary problem with WP was lack of documentation and that sounds about right. 1.0.2 is lacking a few features that I was very used to with MT, but 1.2 will cover most, if not all, problem areas. I can’t wait for 1.2 😉 Those couple of weeks have really strecthed out.
    Lastly, I want ecto and WP to work! Right now I can’t get them to work right and people who got it working keep complaining about various problems.

    This will get WP some needed coverage.
    OT, the review was on the dot for the most part. And he’s definitely right about the lack of documentation, but I know that’s being addressed right now. Perhaps a submittal of re-review then would be in order?

    The review is ok, but the how-to guide is just bizarre:

    If you have knowledge in PHP, Perl and MySQL, this is a great platform to use for bloggers.

    Hard to see how a knowledge of Perl has any bearing on your ability to install a tool that doesn’t use it…

    @nsxpower, with any luck, we should have some more documentation for 1.2. 🙂
    @willm, that just cracked me up. Nice catch, perl indeed! The reviewer must have sorta assumed that perl is essential for blogs or something, thanks to eMpTy.

    @2fargon: MT does not require Perl knowledge.
    @willm: WP uses would benefit from some basic PHP and MySQL skills, or much better documentation.

    @nsxpower : I was just quoting MT :

    Considering using Movable Type but not sure where to start?
    First, be sure that you’re comfortable installing and configuing a Perl script on a web server.

    I found the article How to set up a blog with WordPress, found here:
    Difficulty hard? That is just crazy talk. Along with the “You need your own Server” bit. But the article itself was accurate and fair.

    @Jesuit: Hard? Whoot! WP is installed in the same directory, most people should not any issues with permissions etc. MT, on the other hand, is intalled in different directories (your CGI-BIN and HTML root), requires you to upload files in particular mode (binary upload breaks perl) and there are plenty of places where a novice can screw up when configuring his first blog … And unless you are using TypePad you would need your own server too.

    i dont really know (don’t know..) MySQL and PHP…and I’m managing just fine with WP…

    @nsxpower: basic hosting is not the same as having your own server. Wish I had my own server 🙂 Also I wasn’t disputing the need for basic PHP and mySQL, just the need for Perl, so not quite sure why you mentioned that.

    @willm. You are just too subtle I guess:-)

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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