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  • Hi all,

    I’m using the fantastic WP RETINA 2X plugin, for my new website using a wonderful WP Shower theme,

    Unfortunately, I can’t get it working for some reason trying every option (I think) under the sun.

    You can view my dev site with the retina test here:

    The full image is on this link:

    On this theme, to add images, you have to drop files into the portfolio section, I’m choosing large (785 × 523), then save changes (not “insert into post”) and this is how images are uploaded to this theme.

    The images are not being scaled down, and just appear huge and the thumbnail is also pixelated.

    I got in touch with the developer, and he kindly responded with the following:

    “The problem is actually very simple: a retina image is used, but also the HTML code has a different width and height (which actually shouldn’t have changed). The problem is therefore located in your theme, and you will have to force the image to be 785×523 in the HTML code or the CSS.”

    So…my question is, what do I in my CSS to make this change? The (edited) CSS is below:

    [Complete stylesheet moderated, Please just posr a link to your site.]

    Thanks very much in advance.


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