• Has anyone ever installed and used this supposed CMS Tool? I feel like an idiot because I can’t quite figure it out. It comes with a bunch of templates for the pages. But it seems that you can’t edit it with the WYSIWYG editor. Or for that matter, anything. Only thing that i’m guessing is editing the actual php file and entering your content there. But what is CMS about that? I wanted the client to be able to edit this

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  • I’m having the very same question. I’ve attempted to contact the developer twice, but still no response. Has anyone else encountered or figured out this problem?

    From the developer:

    Hi there,

    Actually, to solve this problem only.. I created Remix-editor plugin. But I ended up having some errors. As mentioned in this blog post –
    http://www.wpremix.com/wp-remix-news/remix-editor-important-update/, I have stopped shipping the plugin unless I find a bullet proof solution to this matter.I will announce further updates on the wpremix site in future.

    I suggest to make the changes in the template via theme editor for now.



    Like the posters above, I have not gotten any response to my emails to your support address for the WPRemix Theme. I recently purchased the package that includes 1 hr of support?? Although IO like the theme, I am a bit nervous about using it now.


    I just bought the WP-Remix Theme, the site said that it was 2.5 compliant. I am having the same problem. Cannot edit the them from the Admin panel.

    So much for his not selling it until bullet proof.

    His link above goes nowhere.


    Mark McGillveray


    And I was thinking of buying it.

    Hey guys,

    I have had a mixed reaction to this – overall, still feel cheated as I am NOT used to this kind of business dealing from developers. In all my other web transactions, there has always been a promise and a trust.

    This developer seems desperate for money. I am trying to work with him but, could I recommend him to a fellow web buyer? No, not in good faith.

    – see my blog entry.. http://www.lansmith.com/?p=17

    Best Regards,


    WP-Remix 2.x with a backdoor?


    Anyone else wants to help try and verify this?

    Hey everyone,

    I know that your last post regarding problems with Remix was 2 months ago, but has anyone gotten any kind of resolution or satisfaction from the owner/designer Mr. Bhavesh? I too am very unhappy and feel very ripped off. I hope that WordPress doesn’t in any way recommend him, his designs, or services since his product not only doesn’t deliver what promised but it isn’t cheap either. I paid for a product that I not only can’t use because it doesn’t work but there is no way to get satisfactory support or tech support, despite promises to the contrary.

    Plus, the written documentation provided is incomplete and doesn’t make sense. Has anyone figured out how to use this product?

    Does anyone have any idea how to get a response from the man?

    I am still trying to figure out how the templates are supposed to work since they don’t work like any WP template I have ever seen where the design is set and you select the page you want and just start adding content.

    Help!! I am at my wits end.:-(

    Seem like there is no TOS on wpremix, commercial products should have a “warranted support”. If they cant delivered that you should get refund.

    the only terms/disclaimer regarding their services is at http://wpremix.com/purchase/

    This being an irrevocable digital product, refund will not be issued in any case. Photographs shown in the demo may not be a part of actual theme package due to license restrictions.

    Its pretty shrewd business model not to take responsible for your commercial products. Be cautious.

    I am going to give it a shot with wp remix.

    I am not a big blog user so i do not know how WP templates work to start with so i will try and learn how the remix ones work and that will be my only way i know then.

    Wish me luck it looks like i will need it..

    I’ve come across this thread as part of my research in selecting a theme for my blog. Has the situation improved at all since?

    Support or even acknowledgment that a customer exists seems to be a problem for the WPRemix people. Or is it the WPremiss people?

    I wish I would have seen this thread before purchasing this theme today. I am so disappointed! How they advertise this as a CMS is beyond me.

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