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  • I’d hoped to try the “wp-related” plug-in, but the only site where one could download it seems to have moved on. So sad. 404’ed:

    Anyone have this plugin and be able to share, or…

    is there another plug-in that allows me to define some “See Also” or “Relate Posts” links?

    I’m guessing these would all employ some fun with Custom Fields.

    Any help appreciated.

    PS. Yes, I looked at the “Related Entries 2.0” plug-in from, but this automatically generates the links, using fulltext columns it adds to the posts db tables. Not what I want — I want to decide (control) which posts are related.

    Thanks all!

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  • I’d look into tagging plugins like Ultimate Tag Warrior and just tag your posts with keywords.

    Thanks! Checking it out now…

    CG-Related was built for such a purpose, though the UI in the current released version is lacking to say the least… It’s what controls the related posts sidebar on

    I might get a ‘functional’ interface built before I release a WP2-updated version of my PowerPack — we’ll have to see how my time goes…


    Everytime I see a “related” plugin, I think how neat it would be to somehow maybe plug in to Technorati in some way and be able to list “related” entries from other blogs on your site. Maybe other sites that used the same tags or tag that you are using. Just thinking aloud, and have no clue if it could even be done.

    There is a plugin called “Terong related posts” or something like that, I can’t remember where it is, I’m sure if your google it or something.

    It didn’t work properly for me, but perhaps it will for you.


    Micheal, thanks … and, funny, I just posted a bug on (where the plug-in lives) and noticed a couple of others experienced the same problems that I did with that plug-in (changing the post status and/or date)… only to discover one of them was you!

    same-same with me

    really cool plugin, however.

    CG-Related is cool, too. I hadn’t wanted any additional db tables, however, but may go back to this as “Terong related posts” isn’t working for me. I’m going to spend a few seeing trying to track down the bug before giving up.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help.

    FYI, have at least found, in “Terong related posts”, where the bug is/what is causing it, though I’ve no idea how to fix:

    This problem is related to QuickTags being added to the admin’s Write Posts page. I had this turned on for this plugin:

    $is_quicktags = true;

    I also had the Easy Post-to-Post Links plug-in active. So, two plugins adding total of two extra Quicktag buttons.

    The result? the Status jumped up/down by two: from Private to Published and back to Private, for as long as you click the Close window of the pop-up.

    Now, I deactivated the other plugin. viola, the status changed by one each time: Published to Draft to Private…

    Next changed Terong plugin’s behavior, turning off the quick tag (i now had no additional Quickies on the Write Post page):

    $is_quicktags = false;

    Result? Bug is gone!

    So… behavior is entirely dependent upon those Qucktags.

    Which makes some sense as this affects the placement of certain items on the admin page and the radio buttons seem to jump down by the number of plugins one has activated.

    Now, how do I fix this? I dunno. but it’s a start. Shall see… any help is appreciated ;p

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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