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  • i’m working on a blog for a company I work for, and I made a menu bar that works fine for normal links. It doesn’t use lists, but rather has divs with positioned text. anyway, when I put in the wp register tag so the link will appear, <?php wp_register(”, ”); ?> it ads extra margin or padding and the rollover isn’t aligned as it is with the other links. you can see this here:

    I’ve tried changing the margins for all the divs associated with the fourth tab which contains the register link, but either the background will align and the text won’t, or vise versa. So I’m wondering if <?php wp_register(”, ”); ?> has some pre assigned margin or spacing that I don’t know about. and if so, what style class or id would remove that? thanks a bunch 🙂

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  • look in your theme’s style.css

    I just looked through it once more, and I can’t find a style that is defining the register link. I think it would be part of the meta data, but I’m not sure. were you referring to a specific class for the wp register link, or were you talking about my own styles I created for the menu? thanks 🙂

    anyone else have info on this? I still haven’t found out how the wp register link is being styled if at all, even though it seems to have some padding already on it.

    The wp_register link isn’t usually all that critical anyway, if you step back and consider it. Of course that is for you to decide, for your user base. As you know the 1 benefit of the wp_register tag is that is automatically switches from reading “Register” when you’re not logged in, to “Site Admin” if a user is logged in. So the word on the button dynamically changes. Other than that, there’s nothing to it. If you think about it you can just hand-code the link you want there ( or perhaps), as a div item, just like your other nav items. It doesn’t need to be dynamically summoned with php template tag, unless you really need the word to magically switch to “Site Admin” once the user has logged in. If you have users who really need to get into the Admin area, you can offer them that link in another way (and even use another code to only-show a section of your header or sidebar to logged-in users of a certain level).

    thanks for the advice. I’m considering doing just that, and hand coding the wo login link. I just can’t figure out what is causing this extra padding on the wp register code. thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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