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  • I am trying to update one client’s WP installation.
    I put in the FTP credentials, and it keeps coming back with

    ERROR: There was an error connecting to the server, Please verify the settings are correct.

    I know the credentials are correct, because I set them.
    I’ve even done a sudo passwd $user several times to reset the password, and then used those credentials, and it won’t update.

    What gives?
    I’ve never seen it do this.
    Incidentially, I successfully updated 2 plugins immediately prior to trying to update the WP core, and had no problems updating the plugins using the same FTP credentials.

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  • The directories to upload to are owned by $user:www-data, so the server has permission to write to it, and so does the user whose credentials I’m using to update…I’ve done this a million times without any problems, and don’t understand why it’s not working now.

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