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  • Wonderful hack! I actually had the exact same thing planned out, but since you already did it with all the features I wanted, THANKS! 😀
    You even remembered to include a customizable limit for the sidebar, which is just what I wanted.

    cool thing. i will wait till it reaches the plugin stage…
    my hack file is already a mess 😀

    Where can I find info on the plug-in stuff? It sounds really interesting and important. 🙂

    Thanks guys.
    I’m just as confused right now on the new plugin architecture. I just downloaded the current nightly (2004-03-26) and its already there (the plugin stuff), I will study it later. 🙂

    Nice work. Thanks.

    Ahh. I suppose I should jump into the nightlies then. 🙁
    Any documentation, or is that up for grabs?
    – Stephen

    Nice hack, Markku! (I just used it to replace my ad-hoc hack on 0.72 that did roughly the same thing.) Do you have a bookmarklet to make it even easier to add recent links?

    Will try to make a bookmarklet. 🙂 I didn’t try to create one because I don’t use bookmarklets that much. I think that would be fairly simple, it should be included when I update the hack soon.

    Hmm, I’ll look into it. Haven’t encountered that before. Were you able to post links earlier before this error happened? I’m not quite sure what could be the problem. Try re-uploading the file recent-links.php, maybe it was corrupted.

    tried uploading the file again. still the same error…
    if u want i can give access to the backend so that u can check it out!

    wp-recent-links–1.1 is now out!
    – Fixed issue with server time differences. Thanks sushubh!
    – Added bookmarklet, for those who need it. 🙂
    Thanks for everyone who tried and tested the hack. 🙂

    Nope, that didn’t fix it.


    Does somebody have a copy of the zip file I can use? I have tried all day and yet not been able to access markku’s website.
    Thanks in advance.

    Should be great to make a mod of this hack to allow to get Favorites from StumbleUpon RSS Feed.
    What you think?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)
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