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    Has anyone else who’s using the plugin WP-reCAPTCHA by Jorge Pena version 3.1.3 noticed that since Google took it over you are once again receiving SPAM? Notice that the SPAM though is only ADs. Google makes their money by making sure ADs get through. Before Google took over the WP-reCAPTCHA Plug-in my SPAM had went to ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. Now once again I’m getting daily SPAM comments at pretty much the same level as before. I’ve even tried getting new keys since Google took over, but even that hasn’t helped. Thanks a lot GOOGLE!!!!!!

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  • the plugin is essentially abandoned at this point it seems.

    Actually I’ve found the author, but he doesn’t update frequently, but he’s still around evidently. Guess it isn’t abandoned.

    his website is not in DNS so he’s gone

    no he published 3.1.5 today – but its still broken for anyone running multisite even when its only activated per site

    probably the best place to comment is on github on his most recent commit

    I believe he’s looking for someone to take the plugin over. If I had more experience with MU, I would be interested. But this plugin has too much going on within it for me to maintain it.

    Hey DavyB, I read your comment and appreciate the feedback, even if it was perhaps a bit on the aggressive side. I’ll try to clear some things up.

    I know it might seem crazy that someone seemingly provided a fix but I didn’t apply it, the reason was that it’s a workaround not a fix (not to demean huyz’ generous contribution; I’ve already thanked him personally), and I was not aware of the repercussions it might have on the other systems (wp and wp-mu), I simply don’t have much experience regarding all of the intricate little differences between the APIs of wp, wp-ms, and wp-mu (and by extension: wp-ms network-wide and blog-specific, wp-mu network-wide and blog-specific) and it is in no way aided by the fact that they seem to diverge and converge at will. There’s simply a lot of combinations that I’m not familiar with. I admit it.

    The truth is this plugin was originally just for wordpress, but someone contributed a patch for MU and then multisite. Obviously the APIs have changed since then though, and so now some of that support is broken. I simply don’t have the motivation to keep track of every little change and cover every edge case.

    For example: the patch you linked provides blog-level multisite support but not network-wide. I agree that this functionality is better than nothing though, so I’ve merged in the patch and credited him and rolled out a release. Let me know how it goes for you. Hopefully it works out.

    I’m not trying to hold this plugin hostage or deliberately stagnate its development, nor do I push out a release while snickering at the thought that you might have to ‘re-patch’ it manually. If anyone is interested in taking up development of this plugin I would be glad to provide access to the plugin repository, preferably someone who is familiar with the aforementioned intricate differences between the WP, WP-MS, and maybe even WP-MU APIs.

    Otherwise, you might want to try out this plugin.

    Take care.

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