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    Hello, The WP login in Windows gives 3 attempts. I can open with my username and PW no problem. However, on the Mac localhost there are no limits to the amound of attemps but the same username and PW do not work.

    I opened PHPmyAdmin on the Mac and changed the PW to the one that works, selected the MD 5 and hit GO It still does not work.

    It is not emailing the PW either but perhaps that has to do with a missing component for emailing from the localhost.

    I have tried to figure it out using youtube but it still is not good for my language. Insights??

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  • Let me clarify how I understand your system to be configured:
    – You have a single WordPress installed on just one of your computers as localhost, I am not sure if this machine is Windows or Mac ?
    – You can using a web browser on the Windows computer login to WordPress, please tell me what web address you use for this ?
    – When you try using the web browser on the Mac, you cannot login to WordPress, please tell me what web address you use for this ?
    – Using phpmyadmin on the Mac you can access the WordPress database, please tell me what web address you use for this ?

    It is quite common for localhosted WordPress sites to not be able to send emails since the required SMTP service is not installed, usually this is of no consequence.

    Could you also tell me the settings you are using for “site address” and “WordPress address”, login to the WordPress dashboard, go to settings > General for these.

    I am sure that if you can provide the information I requested, that I can assist you. Please realise that though you may thing the answers are obvious that I need the answers to be able to assist you.

    PS: Each WordPress installation has a “readme.html” file, please try and display this file from both the Windows and Mac machines and tell me which work.

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    Thank you. Here is the additional information.
    Mac has a localhost WP installation which does not email out nor indicate that there is a problem sending email.
    PC has a WP installation at

    The PC installed a quick & rather dirty presence while something more appealing is developed on the Mac. Explanation, the Mac has Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, and supporting notes.

    The Mac is at home therefore I cannot answer the questions that would allow you to solve the problem. I will do that later. Intent of this note is to answer what I can and to show gratitude for the help.

    I was using my username in the attempted login.

    Last night I took advantage of the unlimited login attempts that Mac users are graced with and was able to login. I would still like to circumvent the limitation of not being able to email from localhost.

    What I don’t understand is my inability to change the PW when apparently following the instructions and opened PHPmyAdmin on the Mac and changed the PW followed by MD 5 & GO.

    I did pick up some Youtube instructions for emails from localhost though most are, I believe, for Windows since I don’t think the Mac handles .exe files.

    Thanks again for your attention.

    Correct, .exe files are for windoze.
    Suggest that you look for plugins that provide outgoing email service known as SMTP.

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