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  • Does anyone here use this plugin? It’s called WP Publications Archive (link to plugin page).

    It seems not to have great support tough and it doesn’t run on my WP-Blog. If someone here figures out why, please let me know!

    Or anybody here suggesting another plugin that works the same way but is not one of this typical download plugin.

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  • This great plugin is no longer supported by the original developer. Is anyone here interested in taking over?


    This plugin actually still functions – the only thing is, you have to rename the folder. Change from:




    If you’re getting the “WordPress cannot load wp-publications-archive.upload.php” error.

    The plugin will then create a directory in your uploads dir called publications – chmod this to 777.

    I’ve been playing around with it for about 20 minutes and it mostly seems to work – some javascript has failed, but that is about it.

    Let me know how this works out for you and thanks for bringing this plugin to light for me!


    Note: There also seems to be a problem with the file titled wp_up_face.php. This is the file that the plugin links to to display each upload. I have been able to circumvent this (at least on the “Front Office” view) by comenting out the code at line 673 and adding the following above it:

    $result->mfUrl = str_replace( ABSPATH, get_bloginfo('url') . '/', $result->fileName );
    $result->mfFileName = explode( '/', $result->mfUrl );
    $result->mfFileName = array_reverse( $result->mfFileName, FALSE );
    $result->mfFileName[0] = urlencode( $result->mfFileName[0] );
    $result->mfUrlEncoded = implode( '/', array_reverse( $result->mfFileName ) );
    print  'href="' . $result->mfUrlEncoded . '"';

    This may not work on a windows host.

    Hope this helps,

    thx for your reply.

    I know it’s working almost fine but as the developer told he stopped to support, I’m a bit worried for future WP version.

    But I do actually have a little problem – could you maybe help?

    What I found out is that when I download the file from inside the Dashboard, it redirects
    to the following link:

    and the download works.
    But when I try to set up a page, it uses the following link:

    and the download is not working.

    I’ll guess that this is my only problem with the plugin.

    on line 673 in the plugin’s wp_up_face.php file you will find the following code:

    echo " href='".$this->url."/wp-content/plugins/wp-publications-archive/openfile.php...

    Change the part that says:




    This should work – I always install wordpress in root directory so I am not 100% certain, but a call to get_bloginfo('url') should return http://yourdomain/wordpress.

    I agree that this plugin needs some serious maintenance. I might take it up as that I’ve been on an off creating something much like it. (more off than on in the past 9 months!). How does one go about that? Just pick it up and re-release it? Never done such a thing – I know the GPL is cool and all – but can I just grab something like this and make it my own while giving credit back to the original author?

    Let me know if this works,

    BTW: how did you get openfile.php to work?

    I’ll sure try this and let you know how it worked.

    I think it would be great if someone is taking over – such a great plugin. Would be a shame to lose it.

    I did put the link to the plugin “home” in my first post. You should go and check it out – maybe contact the guy and tell him you’re interested in taking over.

    For you’re question about the openfile.php – I just uploaded the plugin files to my directory and that’s about it. Although I’m in informatics, I don’t’ count programming to my strengths – I’m a network security and DB guy 😉 So, sorry but I can’t really help you. Experimenting with my blog myself a lot.

    And remember there’s no shame for taking over somethings work in this case – losing the plugin would be worst!


    I couldn’t resist to try it out – even it’s close to midnight here. You pointed me to the right place. It actually doesn’t matter whether you use $this->url or get_bloginfo(‘url’) both work. Just need to put /wordpress/… before the /wp-content/..

    You rock! Thx a bunch!

    Glad you hear you got it fixed up! This is the function that I should have posted above: get_bloginfo('wpurl'). I am not accustomed to wordpress being installed in a subdirectory, so I have never used this function – I will in the future though:)

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