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    A. I was trying to create a quiz regarding Grammar and Vocabulary, one format/type used in the test is in a “conversation” format where there are two users namely A and B. Using the “cloze” answer type, I did a copy and paste. The answer format was arranged properly but when I previewed the quiz it didn’t come out well. The lines were not uniform, the spacing was also cluttered and disarranged. Instead of one sentence per line, it didn’t break at all. I’ve tried using it does not work either. In fact it disappears everytime the test is updated. The same thing happens when “matrix-sorting” answer type is used.

    B. Next question, I have created several quizzes using the Wp Pro quiz and I want to publish it now. But the thing is, how do I incorporate the wp pro quizzes in a unit of a module? I do know that one can use the shortcodes, I’ve tried it but it does not work at all. It would be a great help if anyone can explain it to my in a short process.

    C. And last, Is there any way for me to protect all quizzes and no one can have access to it unless the first one is completed? I am aware that within wp pro quiz it can be done, put prerequisites but I am not sure if it can be done including the regular built in quiz of wordpress.

    I really hope someone would be able to help me solve this problem. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • 1. Make sure you have the latest version of WP Pro Quiz and that Word Press is up to date. When there are formatting issues, it tends to be a problem with the theme or a plugin comparability issues. So try changing themes, and/or disabling plugins.

    2. If you want to group quizzes together, Create a wordpress page, and put a few quiz shortcodes on the the same page. This will keep the quizzes you want to have bundled together in a sort of module or unit that you desire.

    3. As you mentioned, WP Pro Quiz has a prerequisite feature. This is the way to ensure that the test taker does the quizzes in order that you specify the quizzes to taken.

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